Jealousy between men and women


Jealousy between men and women

Why does a man feel that he has to protect his partner from the rest of the males and why does the female feel that her husband’s emotions should be exclusive to her? How does this instinct affect the formulation of traditional customs and traditions in society? All living things live for reproduction and continuity through generations. This survival goal is the fundamental engine that determines our instincts, our repetition, and our actions. We all know that most organisms consist of a couple (female or male), but what is the scientific definition of the female and the male?

Is sex determined by genitalia exclusively or are there other criteria for sex determination?

Definition of female and male:

Both sexes have sexual cells (egg/sperm). These cells are what determines the sex of the object. The most expensive sex cell organism is female and the sexiest cell organism is male. What I mean by the word more expensive and cheaper is biological, of course

The egg has very limited amounts of sperm and consumes more food to be produced. If genetically, it does not matter what type of genitals to determine sex, but the biological value of sexual cells

This definition is very simplistic and differs from what is called sexual identity since sexual identity occurs in the brain and not in the genitals of the organism

There is also a sexual orientation, which differs from sexual identity and is not associated with genital organs

If we have 3 variables when talking about sex (genitalia, sexual identity, sexual orientation), but within this article, I will focus on the genitals and assume that sexual orientation is different and that sexual identity is compatible with the genitals

An example of a clarification: It is possible to have a male genitalia but his sexual identity and female sexual orientation are different, we find him attracted to males. Why is it attracted to males and why is not it like me? Because female sexual orientation and sexual orientation is different from the female is attracted to the male and remains genital are mixing the papers to others consider him a person like me

I will explain this axis in detail in a separate article



Genetic investment:

Genetic investment is a very basic idea in interpreting instinct jealousy so I hope to focus on it well. Reproduction is performed by cross-fertilizing the egg with the sperm. What happens after this vaccination is very important because the resources needed by the female body are much greater than the resources needed by the male. In fact, male does not need any resources after the process of vaccination, can repeat the process several times every day with different females because sperm is cheap and available, and has no biological burdens after vaccination. The female, after vaccinating her egg, has to invest a lot of food resources to grow her fetus and to invest a long time in which she cannot reproduce

This means that the female has a greater biological investment (egg) and economically (resources and time) and in terms of alternative opportunity to reproduce. What time a female spends during pregnancy is a time when she cannot get pregnant again, unlike a male who can invest on a daily basis without additional burdens

Inter-neighborhood relations:

Relations between the living system and controlled by the extent of genetic investment needed by the organism to make the reproductive process successful. The male strategy is to fertilize as many females as possible because this means greater opportunities to spread its genes to future generations. As mentioned previously, for male operation is very profitable, scientific sexuality is an enjoyable process and its results are cheap in terms of resources and ensure the continuity of genes across generations

For the female, the sexual process is enjoyable but expensive and precious in terms of resources and time. Every sexual process means a huge investment of resources and time. Therefore, the female must choose her partner carefully and select the male who is prepared to stay within the marital nest to help her secure the resources and care for the young. Of course, the strategies of female biology vary depending on the data of pregnancy and the resources needed for a successful birth

For example, fish follow the strategy of spreading as many eggs as possible, so that a percentage of these eggs and even if they are small will grow and become fish while the female elephant has to carry the fetus for more than a year and a half and then give birth and take care of her child for several more months to be able to rely on himself while female human Pregnancy is about 9 months but the delivery before the baby’s head grows and becomes greater than passing through the uterus

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Parental care and sexual selection:

The interaction of the male strategy and the female strategy (carefully select your partner) results in a new strategy. This strategy says that the male should spend large economic resources of energy and food security so that male investment is in parallel with the investment of the female. This strategy is dependent on the fact that females do not accept sex with males unless they provide economic investment (resources and care for children), making the masculine strategy an unsuccessful strategy in terms of attracting females. Females who accept to reproduce with the male without the payment of resources and care for the children (protection) may find themselves at risk of losing their lives and the life of their fetus compared with females who make sure to take a counter-investment from the male prior to the sexual process and while caring for the children


Females some birds do not allow the male to be vaccinated until after the male invests time and effort in building a nest for the family to live in. This investment makes the sexual process expensive for the male, which guarantees the female survivors of the male after the vaccination because he will not find other partners willing to engage with sex before building a new nest and this is a hard work and hard work for the male.

Bowerbirds have their nests filled with objects and possessions that males acquire and put in their nests in order to attract females and tempt them to marry them. It is interesting to note that females examine the objects within the nest and based on a careful examination of these acquisitions, the female decides whether to share the male or not.

I assume that you have heard about evolution through natural selection where this is the development at the level of the species as a whole, but there are other engines of evolution on the species to compete internally within the species to get greater opportunities for reproduction and survival. One of these types of competition we call evolution through sexual selection (there are other types of evolution, such as the arms race within the species: those who go faster, escape predation, etc.)

Evolution through sexual selection is a selection of the species with the cheapest gene investment in order to enhance the chances of the owner in the success of reproduction. Why is the owner of the cheapest gene investment (cheaper sex cells)? Because the owner of the largest gene investment is carefully selecting his partner because his investment will be more expensive

I do not want to dwell on this aspect of sexual selection but I would recommend reading about it to understand the mechanisms of selecting the partner with the largest parental investment for the features of the partner with the smallest parental investment

In most organisms, the female is usually the owner of the largest parental investment and therefore is the one who chooses the specifications that you find indicates that her partner will transmit good genes to her children. For example, the bird’s ability to chirp loudly indicates that it has a good health and is free of diseases that may limit the chances of its children to get food and continue through generations

Female selection of males makes them an engine in the process of development as males who do not have the specifications sought by females cannot continue through the generations and thus decrease their numbers in the gene pool

Of course, there are exceptions because of the appearance of features that make the males exceed the selection of the female to them and the selection process becomes the strongest within the group or rape of females and therefore the spread of genes of males ready for rape or violence

In returning to birds of prey, the females of these birds examine the ability of males to perform the tasks of finding food through a visit to the marital home built by the male. Collectibles within the nest of leaves, stones and other neglected objects that we find in nature indicate the history of the male and his ability to live in caring for the young

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Males steal each other’s possessions, especially blue objects (the preferred color of the Titans, but the colors may differ between the 20 species of the bird) to overcome the chances of others finding the partner and be a means of displaying power and control over other males

When the female visits the marital nest, which the male builds is conducting a genetic test for the male to make the decision either invest egg with him or not. She is not interested in his sperm as much as she is looking for a partner that contributes to raising the young until they reach an age that allows them to survive on their own and the continuity of the gene sequence across generations

If the male and female have a joint venture. This joint venture is children (50% of the mother and 50% of the father). Male is willing to spend resources and cares for female biological investment

From here we proceed to our position about marital jealousy

The pregnancy process for the female is a clear and explicit sign that she will have children for the world and she can determine that the fetus has 100% because the pregnancy takes place inside her body. The male is sure he will not be 100% sure that the fetus is the result of vaccination of sperm and not the result of the sperm of other males. Therefore, in terms of parental investment, the worst scenario for males is to spend their resources on other male children, which works to spread the genes of other males at the expense of their genes. As for the female, the worst-case scenario for her and her male vaccine does not stay with her and help her to secure resources and care Young people.

Jealousy in man:


We find that man’s jealousy relates to the physical state of the female. Keep all other males away from their partner to ensure that any pregnancy is their own and that the young ones are their children (because he cannot be 100% sure he is responsible for the pregnancy). For a female, her jealousy is related to male attention. The female learns that male attention is limited, that this attention is what translates into resources, any element that clings to this attention is an element that poses a danger to its resources and the resources of its children, and therefore we find that the jealousy of the female focuses on the emotional aspect of the male. Male passion must be focused on parental investment with the female and not be shared by anyone with this investment. If the male lurks physically, no one is allowed to approach his partner. While the female is excited emotionally by removing, any element that can take her partner is attention and thus her resources

Some examples of nature:

There are many examples in nature that emphasize the development of different strategies between males and females in line with the idea of genetic investment. I will give you two examples, but it should be noted that this subject is much more complex and complicated than what I have presented in this article and to further deepen the reader’s search within the sexual selection and parental investment in neighborhoods



For the male how the male sees the relationship with the female:

As I mentioned earlier he has a strategy that says that your sperm is invested with as many females as possible and that this gene investment is licensed. Why not? Five minutes may contribute to the dissemination of genes through the next generation without any investment is negligible. When a male finds a woman ready for sex, his strategy becomes as follows: Genetically invested with this female but because of the ease of genetic investment with her (ease of sexual exercise) do not invest your resources because this female is not guaranteed in terms of exclusive investment. In the case of pregnancy, it is not known that the fetus is fetus because sexual intercourse was easily easy with that female, which means that males are not guaranteed exclusive genetic investment

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That is why males are ready to practice sex at any time but are not ready for parental investment (marriage) unless the female does not find it easy to accept the sexual process

For the female:

Because of the high value of reproduction, the female should not invest her eggs with males who are willing to spend their resources with any female who is willing to have sex. She has to choose the partner who will invest her resources and take care of her children for years to come. The female must balance male attraction and selection without access to sexual activity until after the male has invested a considerable amount of resources so that the process of withdrawal after sex is an economically lost process (remember the example of birds and nest building). Therefore, in most primitive societies, we find that the evaluation of the man’s race is based on the number of females with whom the male can establish a relationship with them, and the fact that the female’s advancement is related to her integrity and the extent of her patriarchal investment towards her children



Legislation and consolidation of male instincts within religious laws:

Allow polygamy for males

Imposing a certain dress on the female (veil)

Separate females from males and prevent mixing between them

The dowry before marriage to ensure the investment of male before sexual practice

Late: We find that the backside (the value of money paid in the case of divorce) is directly linked to sexual practice in the event of divorce

Women’s jealousy is an instinctive state that drives them to do everything they can to prevent their husbands from loving another woman or to show excessive interest in any subject that might contribute to the waste of their resources. The female is jealous of anything that poses a threat to her husband’s resources to be spent on her and her children only

The man’s jealousy is that his wife is far from any physical relationship with other males because that is his best guarantee that all pregnancies are his. Therefore, the virginity of women is a very important and influential factor in marriage in societies that do not respect women’s rights

How do we read this jealousy in male homosexuality?

One of the problems experienced by people who are sexually identical (males in particular) is emotional instability.

Males have a sexual orientation that makes them attracted to the same gender. This is a concept from the point of view of sexual sexuality, but there is a problem that is not mentioned. It is related to the emotional aspect of male homosexuals and I think it should be highlighted more

A male strategy with a male strategy:

For males, although they are attracted to males, their sexual strategy is the same. This means that we have males who have a strategy that requires sex with as many partners as possible in order to spread the genes as much as possible while the defense strategy that distinguishes the partner from any physical relationships with others. Most homosexuality between males collapses because of the jealousy of sharing partners because male jealousy is focused on keeping the partner away from any other partner to ensure that the children are his children in other situations and in the homosexuality, this instinct is still working but by both parties causing emotional instability for everyone

This is, of course, other than the social pressures resulting from racial discrimination against them in some closed societies. This is why most of the emotional relationships of homeopathy do not culminate in long-term success. Understanding these sexual strategies and understanding the mechanisms of action associated with homeopathic relationships may help overcome some of the obstacles resulting from jealousy and hence the breakdown of relationships.

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Jealousy between men and women
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Jealousy between men and women
jealousy-Why does a man feel that he has to protect his partner from the rest of the males and why does the female feel that her husband's emotions should be exclusive to her? define jealousy

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