Intelligent design in nature


Intelligent design in nature

A clever design phrase that has been hacked by those who promote the story of creation. Yes, there is a clever design in nature, but the question that is answered by the scientific method is how this intelligent design occurs in nature

Proponents of the story of creation claim that the intelligent design found in nature has resulted in an intelligent entity “creating” assets in its present form by evidence of the existence of intelligent attributes and attributes within those assets. I will try to solve this problem and then ask the solution from my point of view. This problem consists of two separate axes. The first is the complexity of nature. The second is the source of this complexity

Nature is full of intelligent design, but the controversy is not about the existence of this smart design or not, but the source of this intelligent design

Yes, life because of intelligent design, atoms and sophistication occurs because of intelligent design but we do not get to this intelligent design through magic but through mechanisms

Natural we can study and understand. The mechanisms of nature’s work result in assets that appear to be intelligent to us


Studying the phases of evolution of the stars with the understanding of the four cosmic forces explains to us how the stars are born and from where the atoms that we see come as assets around us

The study of the theory of evolution through natural selection and the understanding of the second law of thermodynamics explain to us how biodiversity and the simple mechanisms that result in this complexity that fascinates us in nature


When we observe the complexity and perfection of the snowflake we can study how this complexity is formed or ignore the mechanisms and say that it is the result of God’s creation and creativity and is evidence of the existence of a clever designer in nature


When we ask the scientific person about the snowflake he will evade the mention of intelligent design for fear of the cultural pressure contained in this phrase and the automatic assumptions that result from the use of the term intelligent design


It is a mistake to evade the term intelligent design only because the congeners pirated this phrase to mean that there is a personal creator who has an intelligent design that we see before us. Intelligent design is in nature but it is the result of physical relationships between the elements of nature and we can understand these relationships scientifically without the need to resort to the presence of a handmade this intelligent design


Here the heart of the problem. Confuse the presence of intelligent design and the presence of an intelligent creator. Congenital Personality Due to its lack of scientific phenomena, it is assumed that an intelligent designer created the snowflake in its beautiful symmetry. While the scientific person is afraid to adopt the term intelligent design because of the extra cultural load that follows the phrase ignoring the existence of intelligent design in nature, the problem seems between the two as if about the design of intelligent or not in nature. In fact, the disagreement is not about the existence of intelligent design in nature but about how to access this intelligent design

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For example, if we change the designation of evolutionary theory from evolution through natural selection to intelligent design theory through natural selection, meaning does not change at all, and intelligent design theory through natural selection becomes less scientific than evolution through natural selection


Well, if you want to know how symmetry is formed in the snowflake continue reading below:


The water molecule consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen

The oxygen atom consists of a nucleus in which 8 positive protons and 8 electrons (negative) hover around the nucleus

The hydrogen atom consists of a nucleus and a single electron (negative) circulates around the nucleus


Electrons (a core particle hovering around the nucleus of the atom) are stable within the atom when 2, 10, 18, 36, 54, or 86 are always “seeking” to reach these numbers in their relationships with other atoms. Means that the atoms that have 8 electrons want to get more electrons because the number 10 is the nearest stable number for them, atoms that have one electron looking for an additional electron to reach number 2 and so on


I use a word that seeks metaphorically, and the reason for this tendency in the electrons is due to the laws of energy stability and its transition to the lowest level

For example, when we put a ball on the top of the mountain, the ball rolls downwards. We say that the ball is going down because of gravity, but in another saying, the ball is looking for the lower level of energy. The ball degrades gravity and stabilizes in this state because it is the least possible level of energy. If atoms always move toward a lower state of energy, energy always runs from top to bottom, from regularity to chaos, from hot to cold


Understanding this physical law is very important for understanding complex systems that may arise from simple phenomena. This law is called the second law of thermodynamics. This law can explain the time arrow too. If time is our personal experience of the energy transition from regularity to chaos, the ball from the top of the mountain to the bottom


Why is this hexagonal shape consistent with its equal and identical angles within the snowflake?


The oxygen atom has 8 electrons and is, therefore “seeking” to reach its nearest stable number of 10


If you look for two additional electrons to join their eight electrons


Hydrogen has a single electron and seeks to reach the nearest number of stability of it is 2, this unites the objectives of these atoms combine two atoms of hydrogen with an atom of oxygen and have a water molecule

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Water is a vehicle whose solid state is less dense than its liquid state, unlike other solid-state compounds that are more liquid than their liquid state. (Iron steel denser than liquid iron). The shape of the water molecule is a large ball (oxygen atom 8) and two small balls (hydrogen 1 & 1)


The temperature of the molecule is related to the extent of the stimulation of the electrons and therefore the liquid state of water (above 100 ° C) means that the electrons of the molecule are catalysts

In addition, move quickly, giving the properties we know about liquid water as flexible and easy to separate vehicles from each other

When the water molecule cools below zero degrees Celsius, the degree of stimulation of the electrons decreases so that the water molecule can bond with other water molecules through a process we call hydrogen bonding. This means that the electrons that circulate around the oxygen become less active and thus can bond with each other more firmly than the liquid state

The water-like form resembles a Mickey Mouse head; a large circle (oxygen) with two small circles (hydrogen) where the oxygen atom represents the head and the hydrogen are the ears

The hydrogen atoms that are bonded to the oxygen share their only electron with oxygen but due to the large volume of oxygen, the balance of the charge between the atoms is in the interest of oxygen. This means that hydrogen, although it shares oxygen with the electron, is less negative than oxygen because it loses its negative electron for oxygen and oxygen. Because of its large size for hydrogen, it is happy to pull hydrogen electrons and is more negative, but this causes the hydrogen mass on the tip and oxygen on the other end (to form the Mickey Mouse head)

The distance between the two hydrogen atoms is always the same because of the effect of electrical charge dissociation between the two hydrogen atoms that have lost their electrons. Thus, the water complex always has an oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms within an angle of 104.5 degrees (an oxygenated angle)

Well I know I have provided a lot of information for this so let us summarize the basic idea

The molecule of water is always the same because of physical forces that control the relations of atoms with each other within the molecule. This molecule is a large ball with two smaller balls in a 104.5 angle. This means that the interconnection of the water molecules with each other will always be within the angle of 104.5 because of the location of the hydrogen atoms for the oxygen atom

Let us get back to the ice theme

A single snowflake is a group of many water molecules. These particles are connected to each other by bonding the electrons of the hydrogen atoms within the compound. Imagine a Mickey Mouse head tied with another Mickey Mouse head tied with an extra Mickey Mouse head that only forms our hexagonal shape

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Each Mickey Mouse head represents water composite (H2O). Each ear of the Mickey Mouse is connected to its adjacent ear and thus our hexagonal shape is formed

I mentioned that the position of the hydrogen atoms within each water molecule is at 104.5 angles for the oxygen atom. This means that the form of the ice crystal is a water molecule connected to another water molecule by another water molecule with another water molecule. The cohesion of the ice crystal is due to the low energy level within the particles electrons Water or what we call the degree of water freezing, the bonding of these particles within a certain temperature based on angle 104.5 gives this hexagonal shape of ice crystals


Why does the ice crystal expand and branch out?

The second law of thermodynamics states that energy always moves from hot to cold, starting from the hexagonal shape we have reached so far. When the temperature surrounding the hexagon of water molecules begins to heat, the second law of thermodynamics begins and the energy begins to move from the water vessel outward. The process results in a bump in the place where the energy exits. This is the easiest point for the energy transfer. The process continues and produces positive feedback. The longer the extrusion is, Thus, the hexagonal shape is formed in the form of conventional snow dung’s.


How do you know the arms of the snowflake How is the shape of her other five sisters to form themselves in the same shape?

In fact, the physical phenomena that affect the snowflake arms are the same, and therefore this consistency arises. Each snowflake is characterized by symmetry between all its limbs and sections because the factors that influence the emergence and growth of the ice crystal are the same

Therefore, we can say that snowflake design seems smart because it is the result of physical interactions that we can understand and build on in other applications. No intelligent designer is needed to understand how this intelligent design is produced in nature. I chose the snowflake example to illustrate the beauty of nature, this intelligent design can be understood through the scientific method, and there is no need to fear this phrase.

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Intelligent design in nature- Nature is full of intelligent design
Article Name
Intelligent design in nature- Nature is full of intelligent design
A clever design phrase that has been hacked by those who promote the story of creation. Yes, there is a clever design in nature, but the question that is answered by the scientific method is how this intelligent design occurs in nature

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