Iconic Engines

Iconic Engines

Iconic Engines Need to Be Known By Every Petrolhead


We have a list of the greatest engines in order to celebrate, so be ready for all of them; engines are the main that help any car to be pushed by the drivers


Nissan SR20DET

To kick things off with a bang the sr20det is best known for its place in this ancestor C, it became one of the darlings of the JDM tuning scene thanks to the fact it’s easy to tune and can take a decent hike in power without going pop and in case you wondered SR is the engines codenamed 20 refers to the two-liter displacement D refers to the fact it’s got a dual overhead camshaft east answer electronic fuel injection, and T means turbocharged


Mazda’s Wankel rotary engines, the rotary engine works on the same sock squeeze bang blow principle as a piston engine however it goes about it in a very different way, a triangular rotor rotates within a chamber which is shaped in a way that allows the air-fuel mixture to be compressed against the flattened edge the circular motion means the engines tend to be smooth and can achieve higher RPMs though, they do have a reputation for using a lot of fuel and oil




The 2JZ is arguably the most iconic JDM engine of them all, it’s the liter inline-six that was under the massive bulging super bonnet like the other high-performance Japanese engines in this list is the aftermarket screen, this is such a hero, thanks to the fact that it can take ridiculously huge horsepower games, these traits also made it hugely popular in the drift scene as you could tune it high and bounce off the rev limiter without worrying about your engine exploding or killing everything insights

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The boxer engine involves each bank of pistons working opposite each other and Subaru made the engines their own thanks to its application in the Impreza WRX and STI road cars, even the most casual petrol head will be able to tell a Scooby a mile off, the advantages of the boxer include the fact that because the pistons are laying on their side the height of the engine is lower helping to reduce the car center of gravity as well as the fact that it’s inherently balanced, thanks to the opposing Pistons inertia cancelling each other out


Volvo Modular Engine Inline-Five


Volvo modular engines are a series of straight four straight five and straight six engines, but it’s a 5 pot we get most excited about, it might not be the most compact engine configuration ever made but the noise makes it pretty special, in fact to green-light liter version even made its way into the mark two and four edges Rs with a power output of 300 horsepower


S85 BMW V10 the high revving S85 is genuine motorsport heritage as it’s derived from BMWs involvement to formula 1 the 5 liters V10 was built for use in the E60 Indy 61 M5 and E63 and M6 making 507bhp and 384 pound-feet of torque


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