Hurricane traking

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This is really what happens in hurricane tracking

Hurricane tracking is one of the most violent and devastating weather phenomena on the planet, but it is also one of the most exciting and interesting weather phenomena. You may be surprised to hear a friend telling you that one hurricane tracking maybe half the size of the United States. The information will be very ordinary after reading five amazing facts about hurricanes



Hurricane tracking


Hurricanes contain a lot of snow and ice

Hurricane tracking can be described as a “violent air system”. This is reflected in the vertical movement of the air inside the hurricane. Rising air carries moisture from the warm lower layers to the high, cold layers. The clouds are formed simply. The weather phenomena form in the troposphere of the atmosphere, but hurricane tracking and air which raises vertically and vertically, the top of the clouds touch the stratosphere at a temperature of -50 ° C, so the entire upper part of the hurricane that appears in the satellite images is huge amounts of snow and ice


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Hurricane tracking is an ocean ventilator

Hurricane tracking is of great importance in maintaining the geothermal balance of the earth. The cyclone is breathing into the ocean water and discharging the excess surface heat obtained by solar heating by the phenomenon of Coriolis. What is the Coriolis phenomenon?



Zahir Coriolis is known as the clockwise movement of the air in the northern hemisphere and around the center of a low-pressure zone “which is here called hurricane tracking” by the rotation of the Earth from the west to the east. At the same time, this horizontal circular motion takes a vertical path toward the top The hurricane has been designated here and the eye of the typhoon here is a huge vacuum pipe that pushes the hot air from the bottom down to the top to replace it with cooler air at the bottom.



Hurricane tracking creates seismic waves recorded by the Richter ladder

The waves that accompany hurricanes hit the beaches and the rocky basins violently and very strongly, resulting in the vibration of the strike zone. This may seem normal, but the dangerous thing. According to geologists, the vibrations of earthquakes caused by the waves of the ocean are drifting wildly from the shore, The earth’s crust toward tectonic plate separates may free up the energy stored in the form of earthquakes in certain places, as happened in 1938 when a typhoon of the fifth class struck the western coasts of Mexico resulting in an earthquake in the city of Sitka, Alaska.



Hurricane tracking My mood is unpredictable

Despite the development of meteorology and the great understanding of the factors controlling the weather phenomena, but the typhoon is still incomprehensible and has not been fully resolved to understand of the course of hurricane tracking so far, hurricanes take the path you want and sometimes take strange paths to leave meteorologists puzzled by them.



African Sahara caused the formation of most hurricane tracking Atlantic

If there is no African desert there will be fewer hurricane tracking in the Atlantic, why? With a colder and more humid region in southwestern Western Sahara, hot and dry air is mixed with relatively cold and humid air, forming the so-called East African stream, which is tossed along the Atlantic to the Atlantic Ocean. Under certain conditions and in a given region, these tropical waves turn into hurricanes over hot water, And 90% of the Atlantic hurricanes are caused by this method.

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It is a violent windstorm characterized by rotary conical clouds. These violent storms occur particularly in the regions of Central and South America, as well as in some areas of the United States of America. Is a massive swirling storm around an area of low atmospheric pressure but at speeds of at least 74 mph and Hurricane hurricanes, in general, are strong tropical storms and are generated in the southern Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern Pacific Ocean. This hurricane tracking combines heat and energy by touching the warm ocean waters and warm seas from its waters, increasing its strength to rotate the storm around the eye of the cyclone opposite the clockwise direction of the northern hemisphere (and turning in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere).

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When it reaches land, torrential rains and floods are caused, and strong winds create swells that sweep trees, buildings, and cars on their way. Hurricanes are therefore one of the natural disasters that afflict humans and animals and threaten the environment, despite their ferocity. However, it is necessary as a manifestation of the Earth’s atmosphere because it conveys heat and energy from the tropical side of the cold regions towards the poles


Hurricane tracking is done by devices, satellites, and aircraft fitted during its existential and even fades

When the water is heated in the tropical seas to a temperature of 30.27 degrees Celsius, it warms the air layer adjacent to it, and when heated, the pressure of the air is reduced and it rises to the highest and a low-pressure area is attracted by the wind from the high-pressure areas surrounding the flame And the rise of this light steam to the top in the middle of the cold air and carried by the wind that God (God), according to his will, and you pay him slowly, and compose it, and raise it to Higher in a continuous vacuuming process leading to an increased lift to the higher, and increasing its charge with more steam The water begins to condense and the cooling of it consists of water droplets extreme cold, and all of the granules cold and ice crystals, once the rain stopped Alrkm process begins in precipitation, God willing, to the extent calculated in the written place.


Hurricane tracking

When hurricane tracking we find that it consists of three parts:


Eye: center of rotation with low and quiet pressure


Wall of the eye: The area around the eye and the fastest and most violent winds.


Rain waves: waves of thunderstorms that orbit the outer direction of the eye and are part of the evaporation and condensation cycle, which feeds the storm



Hurricane tracking

In 1962, the US government began research into the possibility of hurricane tracking before it reached land, but the project stopped in 1983 without any results. An American scientist called “Hollowi” still believes that spiral hurricanes can be stopped. One of his ideas is to burn oil from a ship close to the cyclone to release large amounts of black soot in the atmosphere, which because of the absorption of its color absorb the heat of the sun, and thus the formation of upward air currents disrupt the system of the winds of a hurricane. The American scientist also thought of putting a huge mirror of tin foil into space, which would reverse the sun’s rays to heat the ocean at a specific point in order to change the course of the cyclone


*The social media channeled a video of pictures on the shores of the Bahamas, after being hit by Hurricane “Erma” strong, according to the agency “Sputnik” Russian.


*The cyclone that swept the coast of the Bahamas, causing severe damage to property, formed new natural terrain on the coastline, in a rare occurrence


*The phenomenon was the retreat of water from the coasts, leaving behind barren land

*Although hurricane tracking is a heavy material for a number of colleagues in the Sultanate and abroad, where the pens dealt with the characterization and size of the damage and the feasibility of official and civil preparations to reduce its effects during its formation and beyond, I see that the competition of ideas enriches and does not constitute any harm to the overall efforts and perceptions to face such situations and reduce the Their effects are special and seemingly in climatology – they have become part of the regular cyclical cyclone cycle, which makes us in a state of constant alert and planning


*The truth that must be rooted in our minds is that hurricane tracking and its ruling is climatic factors that can not be met or dealt with. A base of reason and trust

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*But the human mind, by its very nature, craves hurricane tracking, challenge, and innovation, subject to the year of God in the creation of man and entrusted with reconstruction as a means of commissioning and love of life and survival. Therefore, a man inspired by this divine mandate to imitate nature and undergo its enactment to live with it and live in peace and harmony without harm or damage or reproach.


*The human development projects that the human needs on the ground to meet his need and his mission in life must take into account the nature of the land and the environment and harmony with them to the degree of integration and conformity, except that, means the declaration of war between man and nature and consequently man is the biggest loser and us in human tampering the environment through wars and factories and encroachment on vegetation And the violation of it a lot of evidence on the acute phenomena experienced by humanity today and at various levels, and this explanation goes on and can not be limited



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*There is no doubt that we have taken a step forward after Juno, where our official bodies and civil efforts have gained some experience in the means of supply, rescue, and precaution, but remain limited in my estimation to reach the ultimate goal and work on the previous preventive limit to face such cases


*What we have noticed of the procedures after Juno was not more than repairing the hurricane tracking and restoring it to its previous methods, installations, bridges, valleys, and valleys without looking at the causes and causes of these damages and studying them from various geological, geological and artistic aspects. hurricane tracking and configured for the next hurricane and so on


*Unfortunately, even the points of gathering water in the normal rainfall seasons are not addressed in order to avoid obstructing the traffic movement and the impact of those gatherings on the facilities, housing, and public health. Municipal services still exercise their hobby in suctioning these gatherings in primitive ways and in long stages accompanied by warnings on the ground by some institutions concerned with public safety Peace

*Hurricane Fayet later revealed the danger of water dams close to the residential plans where the hurricane tracking stopped and the Wadi Al Khod dam continued to flow into nearby residential areas for three consecutive days. This makes us in the circle of the need to review the feasibility and risks of water dams, especially adjacent to the residential areas such as Sahlunot, such as Dhofar Governorate and dams of protection of the city of Salalah, these dams, which benefit the discharge of rainwater and floods coming from the high mountains to discharge to the sea but it is doing a dangerous activity in the case of floods hurricane tracking The coast of Dhofar with its cities, towns, and villages in the land of Hijaz, a coast reserved between the mountains and the waters of the Arabian Sea. It is, therefore, an ideal land to be drowned by floods and destructive cyclones to meet the sea water with the waters of the mountains. And dams. Rather, it would have been better to investigate how to discharge water in these cases to other open lands, such as the Dhofar desert, to alleviate excess water flow from mountain deposits, dam stocks, and sea frenzy


*Cyclone McCann was the most powerful and undisputed. He revealed to us the size of the poor planning of the infrastructure in the governorates of Dhofar and Central. Most of these projects show that they were technically and geographically implemented without geological, social or economic studies. Not to mention the specifications of emergency situations such as earthquakes hurricane tracking


*It is known that the earth’s layers and components are composed of layers and solid and soft points, in addition to seasonal climatic conditions, migratory climates, migratory traction, seasonal movement of grazing, agriculture, tourism, or seasonal commercial activities. Unless all of these calculations are combined with the expected emergencies, the results will be disastrous and heavy

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*As an example, I would like to mention the link between the states of Salalah and TAQA, which the people in the province were very happy to expand and illuminate as a vital road linking the eastern and southern governorates of Dhofar. The project included three bridges to facilitate the passage of animals in the area to and from the sea. The result of the crossing of animals on the public street and the confusion of the route of people with the continuation of the hypothesis of accidents, albeit less than the previous but existing

*The large and dangerous landslides in Dhofar Governorate due to Cyclone Mkono, especially in the areas of Moghsil and Gharbia in general and the erosion of asphalt roads with them suggest that the roads were built on fragile points and did not study the layers of the earth scientifically so that bridges are built between solid ground points to avoid glides in exceptional tropical situations. The absence of temporary and emergency iron bridges to facilitate the passage of vehicles and to connect wadis affected by soil and road erosion places a question mark on the preparedness of emergencies and ambulances


*I hope that the entire affected area before, during and after the hurricane will be under the full responsibility of the Omani Emergency and Ambulance Authority to unify governmental and civil efforts and to limit them in one body and responsibility to facilitate damage assessment and evaluation of hurricane tracking projects. Seasons and guidance of each side to the failures and errors of projects and their readiness for normal and emergency situations. What we see today is that each side assesses its performance and facilities in isolation from the joint governmental effort. This means that we are preparing the ground for hurricane tracking to come up with the same plans and the same procedures and treatments no more and no less


*I would like to take advantage of Juno and his experiences and the experiences of some countries that have entered the arena of hurricanes, severe precipitation and earthquakes, and reconsider the plans for the distribution of utilities and services such as electricity, water and food and medicine stores in case of emergency by distributing electricity to regions and states in the form of independent packages Are affected by public emergency connections and adequate water reservoirs to avoid road cuts and failure to save in such cases. The recent cyclone also proved the mistake of disposing of the artesian wells in the Dhofar mountains and not to include them in the emergency field, which would have helped the people to overcome the ordeal and avoid waiting for aid from the official authorities in the difficult climatic conditions

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*I think that the lesson of Mkono should be a great lesson for us and reflect on what has already been described as specifications of infrastructure projects, and make at least every province at least a significant amount of emergency needs are at the disposal of the people of the province and its equivalents as energy, water, food and medicine, We guarantee the reasonable safety of the people, facilities and tranquility of the state and the society and confront the emergency cases with some scientific and experience, ensuring the safety of the homeland and the citizen and preserving the gains by means of prevention and treatment together


*Before the meeting: A tribute to the military institution, represented by the Royal Army of Oman, which is proud of all its units, formations, and personnel, and which has brought us pride and pride as a national institution deeply embraced and protected and wished them all the best and the best. The National Government has demonstrated its strong presence in Cyclone Mkono, as it proved to be the fortified shield of the country. N of all hurricanes and in all times


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