Hurricane season

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Hurricane season

Experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predict that the hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean will be almost natural or supernatural this season

*US meteorologists predict 10 to 16 hurricanes, 70% of which is 39 miles or more

*According to the ABC News, among the expected storms, experts predict that 5 to 9 may reach the force of the hurricane, of which one to four strong hurricanes

*The Hurricanes have a speed of 74 miles per hour, while strong hurricanes are in the third to fifth

*The source notes that the average Hurricane season will bring 12 expected storms, 6 of which become hurricanes


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When is Hurricane season

Hurricane season starts from June 1 to November 30, peaking from mid-August to mid-October, and the average peak date for the season is 10 September



Hurricane season

A group of thunderstorms feeds the warmth and humidity of the ocean, and then the air rises to form more storms and is replaced by ambient air. Under this entire rise in the air, low pressure develops

The storm continues to gain strength as long as there are 3 main components:

1. Water temperatures at 79 degrees or more,

2: open water,

3: The combination of high wind speeds within the storm, the forward movement of the storm and storm surges can lead to a disastrous hurricane season.


What is the Hurricane season


Category 1: Winds ranging from 74 to 95 mph, which may damage homes, trees and power lines

Category 2: Winds up to 96 to 110 mph can uproot large trees, cause severe damage to homes and cause a power outage for days to weeks

Category 3: With winds ranging from 111 to 129 mph, Category 3 is a powerful, destructive storm, and electricity and water may be cut off for several weeks

Category 4: With winds from 130 to 156, Category 4 hurricanes cause severe damage to homes, trees and power lines and may render the areas uninhabitable

Class 5: Hurricane season with winds up to 157 mph or higher, causing catastrophic damage by completely destroying buildings and houses, and may render the areas completely uninhabitable


Hurricane season

Hurricane Harvey, Houston, Texas, was hit in August 2017, followed by hurricane Erma in the Caribbean and Florida in September, both of which left heavy flooding that destroyed homes and businesses

*Before the Caribbean could recover from Erma, torn by Hurricane Maria just two weeks later, Puerto Rico was destroyed in a Category 4 storm

*Puerto Rico has so far recovered from Maria, and the storm has caused major power outages and destruction of homes, hospitals and water treatment plants



Hurricane season .. Climate change or natural transformation

In the past few weeks, the world has been on schedule with three powerful hurricanes, the first known as Florence, a hurricane that hit the northern state of Carolina on the east coast of America and behind it billions of dollars in deaths and losses. Trump, to appeal to US citizens to contribute to relief efforts to counter the devastating effects of the hurricane, through the US Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Samaritan resources, animal support through the ASPCA, the Animal Welfare Society and local animal shelters

*Florence has killed 31 people and closed some 1,500 roads in North Carolina after hurricane Florence caused record rainfall in the state and South Carolina state

*Hurricane season, which hit the American continent, was hit by another hurricane that shook China, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, hurricane Mankot, the most powerful tropical cyclone in the region this year, carrying winds of more than 200 kilometers per hour, The strongest in the Atlantic Ocean

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*Cyclone Mankot, accompanied by torrential rain, has led to major human and material losses, including the deaths of nearly 88 people, the loss of 50 others and the occurrence of 100 landslides, mostly in the mountainous Cordillera region of Luzon Island in the Philippines. The local authorities in Hong Kong, China, Cyclone Mankot, which hit the country’s coast with winds of 162 kilometers per hour

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*Last Sunday, Hong Kong authorities said in a statement that the injured 117 men and 96 women were being treated in public hospitals there, while 48 temporary shelters were set up in several areas of the country, noting that 179 trees were reported and floods caused by heavy rains In 26 regions so far

*And finally – so far – warned the British Meteorological Agency, the risks of the storm, “on”, which is expected to bring winds of up to 120 km per hour accompanied by heavy rain, and threatens the storm to disrupt travel and power cuts in parts of Britain and Ireland, As well as potential damage to facilities and buildings

*From the history of the Hurricane season to the date and origin of those names, it is necessary to focus on the association of the name with its magnitude and destruction and to check whether Hurricane season is named the weakest or cyclone of the name of men. Given the history of hurricanes named after humans Seven decades, the cyclone, named after a female, often produces more destruction and destruction than its male counterpart. For example, Hurricane Erma, whose destructive power was doubled by Hurricane Harvey, which hit the Gulf of Mexico and some US states, For European countries, during the year 2017, as well Other cyclones preceded and carried female names such as “Katrina” and “Sandy” and “Joaquín” and “Irene”, all of which have been devastating




*Hurricane season, one of the most devastating natural disasters in humanity, is a storm formed in the oceans in the tropics of the surface of the Earth, and then moving on its way to the land to hit everything, and is more dangerous because of the heavy rains and winds causing the destruction All that the storm was going through was drowned

*Over the course of the year 2017, successive hurricanes hit American soil, some of the islands belonging to European countries such as France, Britain and the Netherlands. The most devastating Hurricane season, described by the National Hurricane Center as “life-threatening,” was Hurricane Erma, (297 km / h), outperforming Hurricane Harvey, despite being classified as a serious cyclone, followed by Hurricane Maria, which has winds of 260 km / h, to classify a fifth-grade hurricane

*Here we are concerned with the destructive power of these hurricanes, the mystery of naming them, the way weather experts choose those names and how to classify them, as well as whether there are criteria for naming a feminine or masculine name on the Hurricane season.




*Traditionally, in the past Hurricane season was classified on latitude and longitude, but the number of numbers and their intermingling between them prevented them from being identified, prompting meteorologists to release human names on hurricanes to distinguish them from each other and to save them for faster information

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*At first, meteorologists released female names on hurricanes in alphabetical order, with the beginning of Hurricane season beginning with the letter “A” followed by “B”. Thus, the US National Hurricane Center 1953, with the birth of the female cyclone “Alice

*In 1953, the International Committee of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) abandoned the use of the alphabet in feminine letters and names and continued until 1979, as many thought that hurricanes bearing women’s names were not too dangerous, Victims, while male names were not added until 1979, when for the first time the name Bob was named for a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean



*The choice of names is often a question of selection. We often ask whether the choice is the expert’s favorite at the time. An expert might name an ex-lover or a person who does not prefer him to a devastating hurricane or the like, but the truth is that Hurricane season Prepared and alphabetical lists of male and female names alternately distributed across multiple ocean regions around the world, using a specific list each year, repeated every 6 years, meaning the name Hurricane Harvey will be used again in 2030

*The list contains about 160 names, and if the Hurricane season is very destructive and has resulted in many deaths, the name of that cyclone is deformed and deleted from the list and replaced by another name of the same sex and the same letter of the first name to delete the alphabetical list of names


*The Hurricane season of 2017 includes several names including Brit, Ophelia, and Phillip, which will be re-used again in 2024, with the exception of devastating hurricanes whose names will be completely removed from the list, including Hurricane Katrina, Sandy, Joakin and Irene. Whether Harvey or Erma will be removed from the list is not yet announced, but given Erma, it is already one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean

*After that, the East Asian countries decided to distance themselves from the American names. They started calling themselves their own and canceled the names imported from America, such as Hurricane Ted and Hurricane Frankie, American names that were called on the Asian hurricanes as not understood by their peoples. Hurricane “Damre” means the elephant in the Cambodian language and Hurricane Kiroji, a rare species of wild ducks in North Korea


*The list also includes names from Hong Kong, Japan, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, and Cyclone Gonu or Gono, Hurricane season, which struck the Omani coast

*Hurricane season, which is formed in the North Indian Ocean by the Regional Meteorological Center based in New Delhi, India, on behalf of the member countries of the International Meteorological Organization (ESCAP), is also named as “Leila” It was developed in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Andhra Pradesh, which left much destruction, was named by Pakistan, the cyclone was called Bandu, a name launched by Sri Lanka, and another cyclone Thailand called Viet

*Eight countries in the North Indian Ocean are Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. A list of 64 hurricane names has been compiled one by one according to that list. When Hurricane season hits any of these countries, the New Delhi- The name that came into the list


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*The eight countries alternate in the selection of the Hurricane season, and the last seven hurricanes in the North Indian Ocean region were named as “Nisha”, Bangladesh, “Bigley” – India, “Ela” – Maldives, Oman, Laila, Pakistan, Bandu, Sri Lanka, Viet, Thailand. The list of hurricanes for 2017 includes several names including Brit, Ophelia, and Philip, To be used again in 2024, with the exception of hurricanes whose names are completely omitted from the list, including Hurricane Katrina, Sandy, Joakin, and Irene

*One of the most popular questions of concern to many about hurricanes and destructive power, which is the most deadly hurricanes bearing the names of women or the so-called names of males ?, In this regard, the British newspaper “Independent”, a study shows that the cyclones named female names are more deadly than The so-called memoir, because people are deceived by the names associated with the tenderness of femininity tend to take it less seriously, but that is not true in practice


*The results of the study were based on an analysis of archival data on US hurricane deaths, which indicated that Hurricane season, a high-risk female-to-female strain, was associated with a significantly higher number of victims. Researchers at the University of Illinois found that strong Atlantic hurricanes With female names caused a number of deaths five times more than those carrying the names of males

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*”When people judge the threat posed by the hurricane, they seem to be applying their beliefs about how men and women behave,” says Sharon Shavit, a marketing professor at the University of Illinois. “In contrast, based on an analysis of the Atlantic hurricanes between Ami 1950 and 2012 – 94 of them hit land – researchers found that the less severe Hurricane season did not make a difference in their destructive potential, whether they bore the names of a female mother

*Climate experts predict the season of tropical storms this year in the North Atlantic will be less severe. Climate experts at Munich Re, a German reinsurance firm, said forecasts from several research institutions suggest the season will be average. The long-term average of the hurricane season, which runs from summer to early autumn off the coast of the United States and the Caribbean islands, is three to six tropical storms, according to the German news agency

*In 2017, ten hurricanes were hit, the most devastating of which were Harvey, Erma, and Maria, the Hurricane season that washed away the Caribbean coast and parts of the US East Coast. The cost of damages from the 2017 hurricane season hit a record $ 220 billion. The hurricane season starts annually from the beginning of June

*The climate experts working at Munich Re, Eberhard Faust and Mark Bove, wrote in a report that the coastal states “must prepare for an ordinary tropical storm season in which one hurricane or even one strong hurricane season can strike them.” They expect between five and nine hurricanes, the same as predicted by the US Meteorological Service

*It turns out that experts were wrong last year when they said the Hurricane season would be below average, but ocean temperatures in the North Atlantic were exceptionally warm, resulting in more Hurricane season. Munich Re is the world’s largest reinsurer and has a climate division. “In the long run, Munich Re is not expecting more storms, just more strong and damaging storms, which could lead to higher compensation said Torsten of the board.



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