Hurricane Harbor

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Hurricane Harbor

Hurricane Harbor is one of the worst tropical cyclones ever to have affected the territory of New England in the United States. Carol was the result of a tropical wave near the Bahamas on August 25, 1954, and his strength grew slowly as he marched north-west, and on Aug. 27, Carol intensified until the wind reached 100 mph (170 km per hour), but weakened when he turned his path north-west

*On a low-pressure aerial range, the cyclone was on a northeast direction, and Carol later intensified to become a tropical cyclone. The storm resulted in intense winds and agitation of the seas in parallel to the central Atlantic and the southeastern United States, resulting in secondary coastal flooding and minor damage to homes in North Carolina, Virginia, Washington, d.c., Delaware, and new jersey and the speed of this organized cyclone increased The good north-east direction came to Alepabs on Long Island (English long island), new york, and Connecticut on August 31 with extreme Intensity. The next morning, Carol turned into a hurricane out of orbit when he arrived in Hampshire


*The strong winds on the Long Island of New York destroyed about 1,000 houses, causing a power outage of 275, 000 people, dropping many trees, and causing huge crop losses. A wave of storms flooded the LaGuardia Airport and the Montauk General road while leaving the eastern part of Long Island Secluded. Carol also led to strong winds and rising sea waves in England, causing power outages and telephone services for about 150,000 people in the area, demolishing 1,545 houses, destroying about 9,720 houses, and about 3,500 cars and 3,000 boats. Carol resulted in 65 deaths and 1,000 cases in New England. The total number of deaths caused by Hurricane Carol is estimated to be about 68 deaths and total material losses amounting to about 460 million US dollars, making the most Hurricane harbor losses in the history of the United States. After the storm, the name “Carol ” was withdrawn to become the first name to be erased from the Atlantic Ocean basin names Lists

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*The strong winds accompanying the Hurricane harbor began to hit the coasts of North Carolina, Thursday, at a time when the southeastern state of the country was braced for the huge storm

*The main concern of the emergency response teams during the storm’s preparation was the occurrence of floods, which could reach up to four meters, due to rainfall of up to 75 centimeters.

*Hurricane Harbor was 160 km from Wilmington, North Carolina, and the storm was a Category 2 hurricane, with winds of up to 155 km per hour, the National Hurricane Center said in a report at 5 pm local time.

*Officials have urged some 1.5 million people living in forced evacuation areas to follow the warnings and leave their areas, saying that time is running out quickly for their exit.

*”The force of the storm is deadly,” said the Federal Emergency Management Agency early on Thursday. “Anyone in the evacuation zone in the states of North, South Carolina, and Virginia should leave now.”The National Authority said

*According to the newspaper, the value of the material losses ranges from 38 to 50 billion USD


*Losses include damage to vehicles and property, as well as local corporate losses, and insurance companies’ total compensation is expected to range between the US $ 1.7 billion and the US $ 5 billion.

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*Hurricane Harbor was among the most dangerous hurricanes in history, ranking seventh in terms of damage.

*The hurricane harbor is one of the largest hurricanes that caused significant material damage, with a value of $ 133.5 billion that hit Texas in August 2017

*Followed by Hurricane Harbor with losses of $ 120 billion and Hurricane Erma with a total loss of $ 84 billion


*Large parts of the United States and areas of South Carolina were hit by Hurricane Harbor, which then turned into a tropical storm and then became a tropical cyclone, accompanied by heavy rainfall. To flood these areas large amounts of the flood, specifically in Virginia, where the number of victims to 41 people

*The National Hurricane Center issued a tropical storm warning Sunday in parts of the Gulf Coast of the United States, with a possible tropical storm with heavy rains and strong winds expected to hit the region this week



*The tropical cyclone is expected to reach the Florida and Alabama states on Tuesday night and lead to a 20-meter-high rainfall in some areas still recovering from hurricanes a year ago

*”The rains could lead to floods,” the Miami-based National Hurricane Center said. It also issued a tropical storm warning in the New Orleans area and a warning from Seoul in large parts of the Louisiana coast to the Houston area

*Louisiana Governor John Bill Edwards said on Sunday he had activated the crisis management team as a precautionary measure


*There was no sign the storm had so far affected the Gulf region’s energy operations

*Last year, cyclones hit Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, causing thousands of deaths, billions of dollars of damage, widespread power cuts and the destruction of hundreds of thousands of homes

*With Hurricane Harbor, the worst hurricane threatening America in 50 years, especially near the US coast, hundreds of thousands of South Carolina residents have fled


*The states of North and South Carolina and Virginia declared a state of emergency with the arrival of the Hurricane Harbor. Hurricane Florence is a strong Category 4 hurricane, and the hurricane is expected to increase rapidly this week as it moves over the mid-Atlantic and is accompanied by winds of 75 miles.

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*The governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster, ordered the forced eviction of about 1 million people from the state on the east coast of the United States in anticipation of the hurricane. “It is a very serious hurricane,” said McMaster. “We do not want to endanger the lives of one person in South Carolina Endangered by this hurricane harbor, “declaring that the coastal strip evacuation process is 320 kilometers long


*The Hurricane harbor also prompted the governors of Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina to declare a state of emergency and asked the population to prepare for a serious storm. The Hurricane Harbor reported that the strong Hurricane harbor could hit North and South Carolina by Wednesday evening and was likely to reach both states on Thursday, Followed by heavy rains that could cause floods in most parts of the southeastern United States


*The US authorities on Tuesday asked more than one million people living in the coastal areas to leave their homes to prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Harbor, Washington imposed a state of emergency and announced the mayor of the US capital Morel Bowser told a news conference that ” We have the resources necessary to confront Florence, “schools and offices were closed, and naval forces were escorted away from harbors and from the Hurricane harbor

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*”The storm is very bad, please take all the necessary precautions, and we are here for you,” he said, adding that the administration was ready to help in anticipation of Hurricane Harbor, which he described as extremely dangerous. With a video showing the power of the hurricane


*The emergency declaration lasts for 15 days, and the last time a state of emergency was declared in Washington was in January 2016, when a winter storm covered the capital and its region with a thick layer of snow

*The United States declared a state of emergency, fearing the destruction of US cities

*Two days ago, residents of the Caribbean region woke up with horrifying scenes. A hurricane called the Hurricane harbor left behind at least 13 people dead and 21 injured, according to French relief services



*Hurricane harbors the strongest hurricane facing the Atlantic, according to the US National Weather Council, winds up to 180 mph

* Hurricane struck the Caribbean Sea and estimated its losses by 95%

*Several buildings, shops in the St Martin Islands, St. Outstations and Saba were destroyed


*More than half the population of San Martin, with an estimated population of 3 million, has no electricity

*There are 6,000 people in Puerto Rico with accommodation centers

*The hurricane destroyed the airport of Saint Martin, the third largest airport in the Caribbean


*Prime Minister Gaston Brown said the rebuilding of San Martin Island would require $ 100 million

*Hurricane harbor became a fourth class with winds of 140 mph 220 km

*The US National Hurricane Center announced that the hurricane reached the fifth grade last Wednesday, heading towards the Caribbean and the southern United States


*The President declared a state of emergency, and the Florida authorities evacuated citizens’ homes in preparation for the Hurricane Harbor

*The Cuban authorities have announced the evacuation of about 10,000 tourists and the disaster alert has been raised to the fullest as the Hurricane harbor approaches the Caribbean islands


*The Government of Puerto Rico declared the state of emergency. The island has a population of about 3.4 million, with 456 emergency shelters equipped to receive up to 62,100 people, as well as freezing essential food prices including food, water, medicines, generators and batteries to help residents prepare for the storm

*The head of the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, Brooke Long, said Friday that officials were making huge preparations for the Hurricane Harbor expected to arrive in Florida


*”The hurricane harbor continues to pose a threat and will spread devastation in the United States, both in Florida and some states in the southeast,” Long said in a Hurricane Harbor news release


*He warned that parts of the state of Florida could be cut off for several days if not more, noting that more than 100,000 people may need shelter

*Hurricane Irma is part of natural disasters that have a negative impact on cyclone-hit cities. Hurricane Harbor has reached Florida and is expected to overtake other states according to expert estimates


*And we show you the magnitude of the losses that America will suffer from the devastating Hurricane Harbor

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*US authorities have delayed 5.6 million people in Florida on the Hurricane harbor, which has reached Cuba after 19 people were killed in the Caribbean, including 10 in the French islands of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthelemy, Jose “, who was ranked third

*WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US authorities on Tuesday asked more than a million people living in coastal areas to leave their homes, preparing for Hurricane Harbor’s violent arrival in the eastern coast of the United States on Thursday. Washington declared a state of emergency, while several states decided to evacuate the population

*Washington imposed a state of emergency Tuesday in anticipation of Hurricane Harbor, which is approaching the eastern coast of the United States. The cyclone is nearing heavy rain that could cause flooding in the Washington area


*”The effect is immediate and the procedure” ensures that we have the resources necessary to meet the hurricane harbor, “Mayor Morel Bowser told a news conference on the state of emergency


*More than 1 million people living in coastal areas have been asked to leave their homes ahead of the hurricane’s expected arrival on Thursday. The state of emergency was declared in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland

*The 15-day emergency declaration signed by Boozer states that the Hurricane harbor “is expected to cause strong winds, rain, and rising waves

*The latest state of emergency in Washington was covered by a winter storm called Snozila, capital of the capital and its region with a thick layer of snow



Mass evacuation in several states


*Mass evacuation orders were issued along the US Atlantic coast as the Hurricane harbor approached the area on Tuesday


*Hurricane Harbor is the fourth most severe hit in the region in three decades


*Virginia Governor Ralph Northam ordered the evacuation of some 245,000 residents of the coastal state, while Henry McMaster, the governor of South Carolina, ordered the evacuation of more than 1 million people along the state coastline


*”This is a serious storm and will affect the whole state,” Northam told a news conference. “Everyone in Virginia needs to get ready.


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*The US hurricane center said Hurricane Harbor was at 220 kph and was expected to increase in strength before reaching land on Thursday mostly in southeastern North Carolina near the border with South Carolina


*North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper told a news conference his mandate was at the center of the storm


*At least 250,000 people are expected to be evacuated from the northern islands of Utre Banks in North Carolina today after more than 50,000 people have been ordered to leave the islands of Hatteras and Okrakuk in the far south of the island group


*The authorities warned that hurricane Florence could cause a life-threatening rise in water levels on the coasts and in large-scale floods, especially if it continued on land for several days

*Ken Graham, director of the National Hurricane Center, warned that huge amounts of rain could spill hundreds of kilometers on land and cause floods in the central Atlantic

*The hurricane harbor is the most threatening US land this year and the first in terms of its strength targeting the states of North Carolina and South Carolina when Hurricane Harbor invaded the Charleston area of South Carolina.


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