hurricane “Florence” that threatens America  


The information you do not know about the hurricane “Florence” that threatens America


In his way of speaking to the American people, President Donald Trump came out to warn his people of Hurricane Florence, which is waiting for him in the East Coast region of the United States within the next 48 hours, creating a state of terror as a Category 4 hurricane, South Carolina and North Carolina

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Trump’s warning to the American people is that the country is capable of facing the hurricane because it has the best potential to control the natural factors in the world


Following the warning to you “the most prominent information about the torment of” Florence”


Hurricane Florence is one of the worst hurricanes to threaten US territory this year

Florence is the first hurricane in terms of strength

Hurricane Florence has been targeting North Carolina and South Carolina since 1989 when Hurricane swept through the Charleston area of South Carolina


The hurricane “Florence” is carrying heavy rain and strong winds, up to 209 km per hour, which will reach the east coast of the United States on Thursday

The hurricane forces some 300,000 people to leave their homes in North Carolina

Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina state governors have called for a state of emergency and have urged residents to prepare for a serious storm, with the National Hurricane Center declaring the hurricane winds to be strong

Florence is close to hitting North and South Carolina by Wednesday evening and is likely to reach the top of the states on Thursday, followed by torrential rain that could cause floods in much of the southeastern United States

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The states of North and South Carolina and Virginia declared a state of emergency ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Florence


South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster ordered a mandatory evacuation of nearly one million people living in the coastal area


Hurricane Florence gained strength to become a fourth-class storm, generating winds of more than 225 km / h, as it descended into the eastern United States. He expected to land on the ground by the end of Thursday


Schools and offices have closed, while naval forces have taken boats away from harbors and from the hurricane


Hurricane Florence fell to Category 2 as it approached the east coast of the United States, the US Hurricane Center said. Despite its decline, fears of storms and rain are still causing the hurricane, which severely damaged, according to the hurricane center

Hurricane Florence, heading toward the east coast of the United States, lost some of its strength on Wednesday and fell one degree to a Category 2 hurricane, warning at the same time that Hurricane Florence was on its way to 220 kilometers per hour. That the storms and rain caused by the cyclone will cause serious damage


“Florence is now a Category 2 hurricane on the Safer-Simpson scale,” the center said in the latest hurricane report, adding that the hurricane would bring winds of up to 175 km / h


As Florence approaches the east coast of the United States, residents of threatened areas continue to prepare for the high winds and heavy rains that will cause them. Authorities have ordered the evacuation of 1.7 million people in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia

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The three states are the most threatened by Hurricane Florence, which is moving westward and northwest of the country at a speed of 26 km per hour and expected to reach the US coast Thursday, according to the National Hurricane Center

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