How To Perfectly Survive A Tornado Inside Your Car

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How To Perfectly Survive A Tornado Inside Your Car


Most of the tornadoes that occur in the world occur in the United States, learn to be prepared in case this phenomenon occurs while driving a car. Tips to protect your car in case of the arrival of a hurricane, avoid buying a flooded car by following these tips, Recommendations to escape in your car from a forest fire

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In the United States most of the tornadoes that occur in the world happen, it is estimated that every year the United States territory is attacked by around 1,300 tornadoes; according to figures from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, for its acronym) some of them can reach devastating speeds of up to 100 mph.


Tornadoes can happen in any season of the year, in the central area of the country called,” tornado corridor’, which covers the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska, it never hurts to know how to survive this natural phenomenon in case it happens while you are in your vehicle, which is although not the safest place, but it can protect its occupants in case of not having a place to take refuge.


What You Need To Know:


Those are more likely to occur in the spring and summer, they happen mostly in the afternoon and evening, when the atmospheric pressure changes rapidly, severe thunderstorms are one of the weather warnings that indicate the arrival of a tornado, sometimes they arrive accompanied by rain, hail, and winds of at least 58mph, other indicators are: dark clouds or with a green tone, sound strong as if an airplane took off, dark and low clouds, rotating dust or debris on the ground.

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What To Do During A Tornado If You Are In The Car?


The car is the means of transportation for the vast majority of people to reach a shelter when they have heard the first warning of the tornado. When perceiving the signs that indicate the arrival of a hurricane, or when receiving an alert of the arrival of one of these dangerous meteorological phenomena, it is necessary to drive with the lights on and make sure that all the passengers are using their safety belts



Avoid Bridges And Overpasses


Do not park under a bridge or flyover, believing it will be protected. On the contrary, they can work as wind tunnels and strengthen strong tornado winds. Park in a safe place, the best place to stay in the car while a tornado is happening is on flat, open terrain.

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It Is Preferable That The Car Be Completely Stopped


The strong gusts of wind can carry debris that will impact the car while the person is driving and without having protected before, so it is safer than the car is not circulating


Cover Your Head


Sitting inside the car, you have to bend over and place your head at the level of the windows, if possible cover your back and head with some garment (a coat) or some blanket, to avoid cuts of the skin with broken glass. If you do not have any of this in view, you can resort to hands to cover the head. The structure of the vehicle will offer some protection

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