How to get rid of gases in the abdomen

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Abdominal distension

Many people suffer from the problem of gas in the abdomen, causing them distress and embarrassment as well as abdominal pain, known as the gases that are formed in the intestines because fermentation of carbohydrates that are not digested in the small intestine by bacteria in the colon that is a problem for both men and women Have many reasons, perhaps the most important of these reasons are the unhealthy and unorganized eating habits which, as a result of our fast-paced lifestyle, a person is more likely to eat fast food, soft drinks and other foods that may have the greatest effect on gas formation. Learn the most important causes of the ministers are in the abdomen as well as the ways in which we get rid of those annoying gases.

Causes of gas in the abdomen swallowing a large amount of air during eating, especially in people who eat food quickly or because of not chewing food well before swallowing. Eat some foods that lead to colon swelling such as legumes. Irritable bowel helps to increase the proportion of gases in the abdomen as well as the digestive colon. Some types of drugs that have side effects are gases in the abdomen.

Change in hormones, especially in women before the menstrual cycle and result in flatulence. Excessive use of laxatives. Excessive gas may be a sign of another disease such as ulcerative colitis. Eat some foods that are hard to digest. Eating hot foods is the main cause of flatulence.

Drink water while eating. Ways to get rid of abdominal gases Avoid foods that increase abdominal distention such as legumes and fried foods. Stay away from soft drinks. Chew food well before swallowing.

Eat fiber-rich foods as well as drink enough water daily. Eating a cup of boiled mint after a meal will relax muscles, helping to get rid of gas. Take some medications that reduce the amount of gas in the abdomen such as tablets of me carbon and Smite on. Eat a glass of warm lemon every morning. It works to clean the digestive system and liver, making it easier to work. Doing some exercises at home as if sleeping on the abdomen helps a lot to get rid of them easily as well as doing a well-known biscuit workout.

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Cumin, anise, and ginger are very useful for expelling gases. Taking the pill after grinding it with meals is considered an expelling of gases.

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GAS The gases are defined as the air in the Digestive Tract. Excess gas in the stomach or intestine causes bloating.

(In English: Bloating) and Flats. Gases occur in everyone without exception, but increasing their presence intensely is unusual

 Causes of abdominal gases the following causes increase gas in the digestive system:

Foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and fiber supplements that contain Psyllium, especially when added to the diet, are fast, and this problem occurs despite the multiple health benefits of fiber Such as maintaining the digestive system, regulating sugar levels and cholesterol in the blood, and soda, such as soda and others, may cause gas. It is worth mentioning that gases are produced when colon bacteria ferment carbohydrates that are not digested in the small intestine.

Swallowing air. Some air may be able to reach the lower digestive tract, especially in cases of stress, eating fast, chewing gum, drinking straw, etc.

Some of the health conditions, as the increase in gas, may be a symptom of some health conditions such as some chronic diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, such as ulcerative colitis and Cohn’s disease. Gases and bloating may also be a symptom of increased bacterial growth in the small intestine due to certain conditions such as diabetes and others. Food intolerance, such as the inability of the body to tolerate and digest lactose sugar in dairy products, and gluten intolerance, a protein found in wheat and legumes, may lead to an increase in gas, diarrhea, and weight loss. Some of the artificial sweeteners found in sugar-free products are examples of orbital, manifold, and xylitol. Constipation. Constipation may cause difficulty in taking out gases, which can cause swelling and discomfort.

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Treatment of abdominal gases The treatment of abdominal gases may be divided as follows: Change in diet The amount of gases that occur as a result of eating certain types of foods may differ from one person to another, so it may be important and necessary to follow and monitor the diet of a person who has a gas problem for a week To identify and identify foods that may cause increased gas occurrence. In general, avoiding fermented carbohydrates or vegetables, such as beans, broccoli, and cabbage, for example, may contribute to the reduction of gas formation. Avoidance of artificial sweeteners and non-consumption of dairy products in people with lactose intolerance may reduce Gases also.

Doctors may recommend reducing fat-rich foods in order to reduce the feeling of bloating and discomfort. This increases the speed of gastric emptying and thus allows gases to pass through the small intestine.

Use of medicines some of the over-the-counter medications may help to reduce the symptoms of gas. These include Food supplements containing digestive enzymes: Examples of these enzymes are the enzyme Lactase Enzyme (Lactase Enzyme) To digest carbohydrates and lactose and people can eat foods that cause the occurrence of gases normally. This enzyme is found in pharmaceutical firms such as liquid form and tablets, so adding some drops to the milk or chewing the tablets it contains before eating may help digest foods containing lactose.

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Alpha-galactosidase supplements, which are lacking in the body, help digest sugars found in beans and some vegetables but are ineffective in eliminating lactose and dietary fiber. Simethicone: Helps get rid of gastric gases by binding to air bubbles in the stomach, but it is ineffective in eliminating the gases in the intestine

Chlorophyllin Copper: Products that contain this compound help reduce the unpleasant smell of gases. Activated Charcoal: activated charcoal is safe to use and works by binding to fluids in the digestive tract, reducing gas and bloating, as well as making the waste more solid. Reduce air ingestion Doctors recommend avoiding gum chewing, avoiding eating hard candy, and eating slowly to reduce the amount of air that is ingested in people with chronic belching. It is worth noting that a dentist review to check the suitability of a person’s dentures may also help

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When to consult a doctor If the gases are persistent and severe and cause pain, consult your doctor to see if these gases are a symptom of another health problem, such as irritable bowel syndrome or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Colon cancer, etc. [4] Abdominal gases In children, children are more likely to swallow air because of crying and lactation, leading to large amounts of air entering and thus increasing their gas. However, it is important to know that the greater the growth of the digestive system For the child, I said thank you The following factors may reduce the pain of gases in children: Check the status of breastfeeding, so that the level of the head of the child is higher than the level of the stomach; in order to descend milk down the stomach, and expel the air to the top. Help the child to burp, so that during and after the lactation process, and if not burping properly and correctly, it is recommended to extend the child on his back for several minutes, and then try again.


Massage the baby gently, or move his legs forward and backward while sleeping on his back and the child can be extended to his stomach. Wash baby and shower with warm water. Note foods that may cause an increase in gas, as the child may have trouble digesting some foods that the mother takes and passes to the child during breastfeeding. Changing the type of artificial milk may help solve the problem of gases in some children.

How to get rid of gases in the abdomen
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How to get rid of gases in the abdomen
Cumin, anise, and ginger are very useful for expelling gases. Taking the pill after grinding it with meals is considered an expelling of gases.

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