How to get rid of a paunch belly

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The belly fat:

there are a lot of people suffering from obesity that has many shapes; whereas the Fat distribution differs in the body because of the different factors, these differences appear depending on the body shape may it can be shaped as an apple when fats concentrate on the belly area, the fats can also accumulate At the top and bottom of the body together, then the” paunch belly ” starts to shape itself.

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the paunch belly that spreads more in men, it’s one of the most important syndromes of obesity, it’s directly related to chronic diseases, such as heart disease, sugar, Hypertension, and some of Arthritis, some of the types of cancer etc.

Fats it accumulates in the belly area two types of fats: fats that accumulate under the skin, internal fats surround by internal organs, it causes these kinds of health problems that are related to the paunch belly.


The appearance of the paunch belly:

There is a simple and easy way to diagnose if you have a paunch, which usually does not require diagnosis because of its appearance and clarity. It is a measurement of the waist circumference, which should not exceed 88 cm in women and 102 cm in men.


 Get rid of your Paunch:

Those who are suffering from having a paunch wish to get rid to of it, and also they want to lose weight in order to get good health, add to the positive effect of their appearance, that always reflects on the person and makes them feel much better.

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Fortunately getting rid of fat especially in the belly area is a piece of cake comparing to the fate in the buttocks area,

That has difficult fats to shake off, getting rid of a paunch can be done by following essential principles to losing weight, it includes. Follow a diet with low-calories intake calories that are burned by the body, because this reduces the body fats.

Especially the fat of the belly area, the diet should be balanced and diversified and healthy to get better results, Diet should be based on foods high in fiber content, such as whole grains, vegetables, and fruits

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Researchers have found that aerobic exercise. Has positive effects on the fats of the belly area, especially internal fats surrounding organs that cause health problems, you should exercises10 hours per week at least to get a big quick difference,

But playing sports seems like it’s very simple but it’s better than nothing, these exercises include brisk walking and jump-rope, Stationary bike and other aerobic sports.

One of the most important ways that help you lose weight, get rid of your paunch, that also contributes in the success of this process, you can depend on drinking tea, some of the herbs that help to lose weight even though if these things have simple effects such as green tea.

Sleep at night well. Not getting enough sleep negatively affects your body’s metabolic processes and increases the chance of eating unhealthy foods during the day, and the chance to eat and excess calories at night due to excessive hours of sleep and compensation, about the fatigue and exhaustion of the person.

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