How To Choose The Perfect Decorative Style For Your Home

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How To Choose The Perfect Decorative Style For Your Home


Choosing the decorative style that goes perfectly with your house is sometimes as complicated as choosing the house, the furniture and the things that compose it will depend on the style you choose, but the size and distribution of the house will also depend on the decorative style you can choose, so before choosing the decorative style, it is necessary to plan


This book of ideas will take you through 6 simple steps that will help you choose the decorative style of your house depending on the size and distribution but also your taste and the things you want to see in it, this plan starts here so get ready pencil and paper that will define the style that your house will have from now on

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The first thing you should do is explore, take examples of houses that you like for their decorative styles, cut-outs of magazines will help you put on paper the things you are interested in, for example, an image of the finishes you would like for the walls, the colors you want for the furniture, the type of carpet you would use, the style of the dining room etc




Now analyze what is in common in all those styles, identify the pattern that you follow, maybe you always choose clean spaces (minimalist style), or maybe you always lean towards vintage things (retro style), if in everything you chose you to identify a pattern investigates which decorative style belongs and you will have discovered the style that identifies you

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If, on the other hand, some images follow a style and others have a totally different one, visualize the things you chose to put in your house, what would they look like? Do they make a good set? If not, get some images from Google in order to decide which style attracts you the most

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Sometimes- especially in the case of women- we do not know what we want but we are clear about what we do not want, if you have not chosen the decorative style because you are not sure of what you want, it will be to start discarding what you do not want. Make a list of all those things that you always hated to see in the apartment of your family or friends, of the things that you would never put in your house or of those that you simply do not love, then make a list with the things that you like and prepare to decide which style you will go




If after these steps you have not yet been able to decide on a particular style there is another tactic that can help you choose two styles from which you can lean and combine, these should be similar to complement each other, take what you like most of each and make the best combination of them, in addition to being sure of the style you have chosen your home it will have a unique style,

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