Get Rid of Varicose Veins

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Optimal Natural Ways to Get Rid of Varicose Veins


Almost everyone occasionally experiences cold feet or numbness in their toes and fingers but if it happens every day it’s a sign that you need help, it signals that your blood circulation is poor which might result in kidney issues varicose vein problems and other not-so-pleasant diseases, therefore, you should act quickly to avoid any possible, health problems without further ado, here is what you should do to improve your blood circulation


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1- Get a Pet

If you have been hesitating about getting a pet, think no more it is one of the best decisions that can make you bring a new and faithful friend into your life who is always going to be by your side waiting for you to come home, plus as it turned out it’s great for your health too the “American Heart Association” stated that owning a pet especially a dog reduces the risk of the heart diseases, it’s forming a special bond with your pet lowers your heart rate when you are around them and helps you manage your stress besides owning a dog increases your chances of getting outside and walking cardiovascular exercises such as walking that improves the function of your heart and blood vessels, this, of course, has a great effect on your health and emotional state



2- Choose Wine Over Beer

If you are a big beer lover, unfortunately, you will have to re-evaluate your preferences having a beer is not that bad for your blood circulation but wine has a better effect on it, in fact, a clinical trial conducted in 2015 confirmed that drinking wine especially the red kind can improve your heart’s health compared to other alcohol where it gives you more benefits because it contains antioxidants and plant compounds, in fact, it prevents blood platelets from sticking to one another which highly reduces the risk of blood clots which are the main reasons for strokes and heart attacks, don’t get too excited though as a moderate approach is key here, the best amount of daily wine consumption is one drink for women and not more than two a day for men.

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 3- Eat Spicy Food

Spicy foods are known to be quite helpful when you are dealing with poor blood circulation, for example, such products as cayenne pepper and red pepper expand blood vessels and increase the blood flow, they help your cardiovascular system to function better and keep blood pressure normal, they also help you with one of the main signs of poor blood flow which is cold hands and feet

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They warm them right up so you feel much better if you find cayenne pepper too spicy add more onion and garlic to your diet, these products are also proven to have a great effect in such situations, in fact, garlic relaxes your blood vessels and increases the level of hydrogen sulfide which in turn improves blood circulation, onion has a high level of antioxidants which prevents the formation of blood clots



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