Fashion and Its History


The World of Fashion and Its History

The fashion has such a big place in people’s minds, especially the celebrities, where it guides us about the personality of the person who likes wearing it, there are some people interested in fashion more than they are interested in their own jobs, where also there are a bunch of articles talk about the fashion how important it is in our life


The History of The World of Fashion

Charles Frederick Worth: is a really good fashion designer, he started his career in the 19th century, he was one of the first fashion designers that would put his trademark on the clothes he used to make, Rose Burton was the first fashion designer that opened a store of clothes in the 18th century, they used to call her the minister of fashion, and she was the personal fashion design of the queen of France (Marie Antoinette) until the revolution happened and then she moved to London


World Famous Names in Fashion

Coco Chanel: her real names is “Gabrielle Chanel Bennour,” she is a French fashion designer and she is the founder of the commercial Chanel mark, which is well-known so far, she became famous by her new ideas about fashion, and she also became one of the 100 hundred famous and important fashion designers in the whole world in the 20th century


Donna Karan: is the founder of the American commercial mark (DKNY) where she was the boss of a fashion team for many years, her commercial mark had a lot of changes, and it’s trading so far.

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Giorgio Armani: is the Italian fashion designer and he is specialized in men fashion, his famous company (Armani Fashion) was founded in 1975 and in 2001 he became the most successful Italian fashion designer, and his wealth is 1.6 billion dollars


Calvin Klein:  he was born in 1992, he has a wide good reputation in the world of fashion design, and he is already the founder of (Calvin Klein) which is a commercial mark


Donatella Versace: is Gianni Versace’s sister and he was assassinated in 1997 after he founded Versace stores, which is considered as a well-known trademark so far,  “Donatella” is concerned about her brother’s store and she became more successful, a lot of celebrities like wearing from their stores and designs


Ralph Lauren: his wealth is 7.50 billion dollars, and that is because the fabulous fashion designs, as he likes classic cars, he shows them in a private museum


Christian Dior: is a French fashion designer, he was born 1905, he changed the style of wearing fashion after the world second war, his name is still known so far, and it’s trading in the markets


Tom Ford, he worked for Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci company, but he became an actor, after this, the destiny wanted to make him a famous fashion

Designer, especially in 2000 where won an award for being the best international fashion designer

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