Everything You Need To Know About Your Car

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Everything You Need To Know About Your Car

Today we bring you a note about everything you need to know about your car. Remember that it is necessary to know it in detail since emergencies are sometimes unavoidable

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Do You Know Where the Battery is?

This will happen sooner or later. It is important to keep in mind that the battery of some modern cars no longer has it in their traditional place, Inspect your car previously to know the location of the battery. Have on hand the cables needed to power another car and always carry a flashlight


What Do I Miss And Where?

Although some may find it strange, cars need more than gasoline to operate in optimal conditions. In addition to gasoline, they need oil, water, antifreeze fluid for the brake system and transmission, each of the deposits has an indicator of a specific icon and color, and it is convenient that you identify them. Even if you are not the one who always reviews them, that knowledge will serve you in case of an emergency


Do You Have a Spare Tire?

Some new cars no longer have the spare tire, but a system that allows inflating the punctured tire. They have this system to get to a service station as soon as possible; however, most cars now have a spare tire smaller than the others in regular use. But it serves the same purpose: to get to a service station no more than 50 miles away, so if your car does not have an electronic tire pressure monitor that includes the spare tire monitor, you should check the spare tire at least once a month.

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A Detail of the Back

You have probably noticed that in certain models of vehicles there is a small cap of the same color as the chassis in the rear, specifically in the bumper, what is it for? as it turns out to be an accessory that comes out under pressure and has the function of revealing a small hook or screw, which will be used when towing the car, and thus not affect any other part of it when being dragged


Keep in mind that some models bring it in the front, in addition to the tool that should be attached to the screw is in the trunk, along with the key to place the spare wheel


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Read the Instructions

As it happens with the labels of the food in the supermarket, the labels of the systems of the cars, from the type of gasoline to the level of pressure of the tires, are of vital importance to be able to operate it of the suitable form


Some of them can be complicated and are there for legal precautions, but it is convenient to know exactly what each one says and above all, follow their instructions



Where is The Key

The era in which cars opened by putting a key in the door lock was left behind a long time ago and now it is increasingly common for even the engine to be turned on without a key and in some cases through a cell phone application. Of course, these systems are not only practical but also increase safety as it is increasingly difficult to open a car with the old tricks that were used years as with a wire

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