Erectile Dysfunction In Men

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Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction is the Inability to keep your *penis * erect to have sex with your partner successfully, without treatment the sexual process might be difficult to happen, this problem might start at the age of 40, the studies say that there are from 18-30 million people are affected by erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction and low sexual desire:

Men, who are affected by erectile dysfunction, have an excellent sexual desire, but the body fails in responding to this desire in most cases there is a physical problem.

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Symptoms of erectile dysfunction (impotence):

  • The erection becomes weak; it doesn’t allow having a full sexual relationship.
  • The inability of the erection that stops you from continuing for a long time.
  • The inability to start the erection.
  • Lack of libido.

Who is affected by erectile dysfunction?

40% of men affected by erectile dysfunction at the age of 40, and 70% of men who are affected by erectile dysfunction at the age of 70

But this doesn’t mean that when men get older they get affected by erectile dysfunction. Because the treatment is effective at any time


How Does Erectile Dysfunction Occur?

The erection occurs when the blood fills the spongy gaps inside the penis, this is the reason for the erection,

This process is stimulated by the brain and nerves of the genital organs and any obstruction in this process leads to erectile dysfunction.

Causes of erectile dysfunction:

Chronic diseases, especially diabetics there are more than 50% of diabetics get affected by erectile dysfunction.

  •  Cardiovascular diseases
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Kidney disease
  • High cholesterol in the blood
  • Obesity
  • Hypertension
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Hormone disorder
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 Scientific facts about the penis:

the bad habits that affect the health of blood vessels such as smoking or drinking alcohol or misuse of drugs or taking pills,

All of these habits reduce blood flow to blood vessels in the penis; it also affects erection of the penis.

The medicines that are used to treat prostate enlargement, there are some of the surgical surgeries that affect the erection.

There are some Psychological reasons, and often may be an organic cause, but the Psychological reasons ranging from 20%. The experts refer to the Psychological anxiety, depression and intense mental or muscular effort.

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How is erectile dysfunction diagnosed?

Clinical examination: the doctor will ask you about some questions about the syndromes and the history of the disease, and then he will do a comprehensive examination to try to identify any signs of blood circulation, that prevents blood from reaching the penis or a problem in nerves that are connected to the penis.


Laboratory Tests:

By measuring the testosterone hormone a complete blood sample, cholesterol ratio, and liver function.


Is erectile dysfunction a sign of heart disease?

In some conditions erectile dysfunction is considered a sign of infecting the heart diseases, whoever is infected by erectile dysfunction should make sure that it’s free of heart disease and blood disease.


Complications that are resulting from erectile dysfunction:

  • The feeling of tense and anxious.
  • Depression.
  • Boredom and the period of the marital relationship.
  • The Lateness of your wife pregnancy.


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