Enes Kanter Reveals Who Kevin Durant Text


Enes Kanter Reveals Who Kevin Durant Text When He Left OKC For Warriors Two Years Ago.

He is an American basketball player he is really professional in this field, to be honest, he is 29 years old, he is one of the best basketball players, so he is always seeking to be the best ever because he is really into this basketball game. He really exerts effort to be one of the most famous basketball players


You are about to read everything  belongs to this issue, but bear in mind that nothing lasts forever, everything comes to an end, success has an end as well, basketball players retire as soon as they have had enough of their felid,


It has been two years since Kevin Durant famously announced that he would be leaving the Oklahoma city thunder with the intentions of signing with the gold states warriors, the manner in which he left the team caused a lot of thunder fans; as well as NBA fans in general, to be angry with the forward because he was essentially going into business for himself

Kevin Durant

One of the guys at the thunder who voiced out his displeasure over Durant’s decision to leave Oklahoma City to play for the Warriors back in 2016 was Enes Kanter, Since that though, the now New York Knicks star has changed his attitude towards his former teammate


Only texted me, speaking recently on the undisputed show on Fox Sports 1, via Clutch Sports, Kanter revealed an interesting fact which showed just how much tension there was at the time between Durant and the Thunder squad

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The 26-year-old said that following KD’s move to the warriors, and he was the only one who got a text from Durant, but he only did so as a form of a reply to Kanter, who first texted him “Good luck” obviously, because of the manner of the way which he left, this is understandable,


Even to this day, some thunder fans are hostile towards Durant because of what he did two years ago, Kanter’s own time at the Thunder came to an end last season when he was traded away alongside, Doug McDermott and a 2018 second-round draft pick in exchange for Carmelo Anthony

Kevin Durants

He picked up his player option with the Knicks for the 2018-19 season worth $18.62 million, and he averaged 14.1 points on 59.2 percent shooting from the field, 11.0 rebound, and 1.5 assists in 25.8 minutes per outing during his first season in New York


Since his move, Durant has not only proved his worth, but he has also brought gold to Golden State, winning two championships, he has also been named the NBA Finals MVP twice, which is a great thing to achieve, to be honest

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