Do You Know The Types Of Curtains


Do You Know The Types Of Curtains


The types of curtain making offer decorative results to consider Curtains as an element of interior decoration have been, and continue to be a fundamental element. His ability to dress windows, light filtering, color options and combinations with other elements of the home are some of the main features that define the curtain as a decorative element. However, there is a fundamental characteristic to which we do not to give the importance it deserves:. Regardless of the types of curtains that exist (classic both curtains and blinds and verticals and Japanese panels, etc,) in this article we want you to focus on each type


Types of Curtain Setting:


Lisa: This type of clothing allows the curtain to stretch completely when it is closed, it is recommended to be used with rails instead of bars, if you are looking for the piece of fabric to gain prominence by its pattern or color, this is your type of clothing, it’s recommended for dark/opaque curtains because if you are looking for the fabric to prevent the passage of light, this type of clothing is the most advisable.


Puckered: The most classic of confection, it consists of continuous folds in the upper part and for this it takes a little more than twice as much fabric to achieve the puckering of the curtain, it is a very elegant confection and it is usually used for curtains or decorative curtains, dress the windows aesthetically achieving a remarkable result

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Tables: It is named for the shape of the folds that result from the making, these tables can be closer together or more separated, to the taste of the consumer although the most demanded by interior designers and customers, in general, is the minimum separation of a few centimeters, it requires double the fabric of the window opening for its preparation


Ollados: consists of making cuts in a circular way introducing metal rings (ollados) that facilitate the sliding of the curtain by the bar, this type of clothing can only be used with bars and not rails, as in making boards or shirring, we will need about twice as much fabric from the window opening


Perfect Wave: It is the most modern of the confection, as the name suggests, it consists of creating waves with the fabric simulating the pots but without the circular cuts resulting from the preparation of the pots, the fabric is attached to the bar or rail (both can be used, although they must be special for this type of clothing), the result is elegant and clean and orderly since the resulting waves are proportioned and giving a sense of order


Folds: consists of folds (1,2,3, etc so that they are repeated continuously, among the types of curtains, this type requires twice as much material as the window opening, this type of garment is usually not demanded as much as the previous garments


Loops: its confection consists of holding the curtain by means of fabric loops and not hooks, and its confection only allows the use of bars, perhaps, it is the less colorful and attractive as a result

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