Death Due To Heat Waves Could Increase In The World

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Death Due To Heat Waves Could Increase In The World


Mortality From heat waves will increase dramatically in the future in many parts of the world because of the climate change, warns an international study by scientists from 19 countries, according to the study published in the journal Plos Medicine, if the population fails to adapt to the increase in temperatures derived from climate change, in the next half century the number of deaths from heat waves will increase drastically in the tropical and subtropical regions of the planets, followed closely by Australia, Europe, and the United States

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For examples, in many different parts of the united states of America, the percentage change in mortality related to the heat waves would be between 400-525 compared to the 1971-2010 period, according to Monash University, which is the university that let the research involving centers from 19 countries, in an extreme scenario there will be like a 471 percent increase in death from the heat waves in three Australian cities, unfortunately, Melbourne and Sydney


There is data has been collected from 412 different cities in like twenty countries, this actually makes a prediction in the future between twenty thirty-one and twenty eighty and that relates mortality to heat waves in some various scenarios that are based on the levels of greenhouse gas emissions, adaptation, and population, and density, anyways warns the work, that raise would be reduced in scenarios that apply mitigation strategies to limit greenhouse gas emissions

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Experts from the higher council for Scientific research (CSIC) believe that this data could help in decision-making or plan strategies for adaptation and mitigation of climate change, in this sense, the authors recommend a series of active measures including specific policies or regulations, and urban planning, the planting of trees in cities, the accessibility of public sources of drinking water or the adaptation of housing to high temperatures, add to that, improve health care services, reduce poverty and redistribute resources and create a system of heat waves alerts


Temperatures Could Exceed 40 Degrees Celsius

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Eight provinces in the region of Andalusia, in the south of the country, in these cases while facing some heat waves, you all should drink a lot of water, you should keep cars and houses as fresh as possible


Italy Records Temperatures of Up To 38 Degrees


Italy has started August with a week of intense heat caused by an African anticyclone that has raised temperatures to 38 degrees, the Italian meteorological system Metro, the country is living the most intense heat wave since the beginning of the summer’ affecting mainly the center, the north and the island of Sardinia, cities such as Florence, Siena, Pistoia or Prato, in Tuscany, temperatures have exceeded 38 degrees, as in areas of the interior of the island of Sicily, while in Alghero, Sardinia and Rome have remained above the 36 degrees that  cope with this heat wave, citizens cool off in the springs and try to drink a lot of water

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