Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez Enjoy Their New Life in Italy

Cristiano Ronaldo v

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez Enjoy Their New Life in Italy


Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez already enjoy their new life in Italy, as reflected in the photo that the model has shared on her Instagram account stories, Georgina is in charge of making this “:Selfie” in which she boasts a boyfriend next to one of the most mythical scenes in the movie The Lady And Tramp. The Portuguese, in command of his vehicle

Cristiano Ronaldo

Poses with a big smile for his girl’s camera, which we see with a very suggestive styling although they have set their residence in Turin, the couple headed to Milan, as reported by the Italian press. There they were allowed to see the elegant Montenapoleone Street to the surprise of the passers-by. Between cries of “Cristiano, they agreed to a luxurious store escorted by their security personnel. The getaway has caused enormous excitement and there have been many media that have echoed it, as the Corriere Della Sera


The couple began a new stage after the signing of the Portuguese by Juventus and does, judging by this the photo of them together, full of hope. On July 10, Cristiano confirmed what an open secret was already: his farewell to Real Madrid. “I think the time has come to open a new stage in my life” I feel it this way and I ask everyone, and especially our followers, so please understand me, it has been an absolutely wonderful 9 years, it has been a unique 9 years, it has been an exciting time for me, full of consideration but also hard because Real Madrid is from high demand, but I know very well that I can never forget that I have enjoyed football here a unique way, “he said”

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The footballer and the model are adapting slowly, but without pause to their life after a brief period in which they have been practically disappeared. Cristiano was only seen in the training of his team and the last publication of Georgina in networks dated back to July 24. The athlete is preparing to debut with Juventus after having missed the friendly of the Italian team with Real Madrid, which has taken place in Maryland (United States). Local fans were hoping to see the first match of the Portuguese against their old club, but nothing could be further from reality, as Juventus decided to take advantage of the Portuguese participation in the tournament was not stipulated by contract to give him a rest

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Before setting in Turin, Cristiano and Georgina enjoyed a holiday in Greece, where they were most in love. Then, they were in Ibiza sailing aboard the yacht Blue Jay, a few days in the family that were marked by the agreement that the footballer arrived with the Treasury to not enter in prison: plead guilty to four tax crimes and pay a fine of almost 19 million of euros. For now, the couple doesn’t intend to expand the family, but it is something they would like to do in the near future



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