Celebrities Who Died In Car Accidents

Ryan Dunn

Celebrities Who Died In Car Accidents


Throughout history various personalities have met death during a car trip, the death of actor Paul Walker, interpreter of Brian O’Conner in the films fast and furious, is not the only one of its kind, throughout history various personalities have found death on board, here we present a list of 10 celebrities who died in car accidents developed by our website:


First of all the most recent death of Paul Walker who died on Saturday, November 30, in Los Angeles, the United States, when the car in which he was driving crashed and exploded. The police are still investigating the causes of the accident


Nino Bravo: The renowned singer of Spanish romantic music died at only 28 years of age. The accident occurred during a trip from Valencia to Madrid, unfortunately, the interpreter left the road in a curve, losing control of the vehicle and later life


Ayrton Senna: The Brazilian driver, the idol of Formula1, died in May 1994. The accident occurred in the middle of the celebration of the San Marino Grand Prix, where the driver lost control of his car and hit a wall more than 200 kilometers per hour


Kaleth Morales: The Colombian vallenato singer had an accident during his trip between Cartagena and Valledupar. After the impact, he was transferred to the hospital where he arrived in a coma.


Albert Camus: The renowned writings and Algerian philosopher died at age 47 when he was coming back from vacation. The causes of his death were never fully determined.

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Grace Kelly: The famous actress of the 50s died in September 1982 because of the misdirection of her car on a road in Monaco. After the slide, her car fell into a ravine; it sounds very sad hearing this news about people.


Lady Di: One of the most remembered deaths is that of the former Princess of Wales, the one who shocked the world at dawn on August 30, 1997. The car impacted while moving through the Soul Bridge in Paris when she escaped from the paparazzi


Randy Savage: ‘Macho Man’, actor and wrestler died in May 2011 after suffering a heart attack while driving his car in Florida, United States. When he lost control of the vehicle, he hit a tree and died, like this is one of the saddest stories ever


James Dean: The man who caused a sensation in the 50s, died at the age of 24, at the height of his career. The artist was driving his Porsche Spyder 550 when he crashed a Ford vehicle at high speed and died instantly.


Ryan Dunn: The members of ‘Jackass’, died in June 2011 while driving on a route from Philadelphia. On the way, he went off the road and hit several trees, and the car was hit in all of them. It is believed that he was traveling under the influence of alcohol and speeding


This word” death” has a lot of bad meanings when it comes to someone we love or belongs to us, but everybody is going to die, and we don’t know when and how this is going to happen

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