The sport is a physical effort and a skill that people do. depending on what kind of sports they do, the sport has many sides, like many people love it and people do it in order to be in shape, and some people do it for fun, and some for losing weight, it differs depending on the goals.

The importance of sport is it affects the body positively to be healthier, to be energetic, and that is by doing some sports that you like, such as playing soccer and swimming and jumping rope and working out at the gym, and many other sports


Benefits of Doing Sports

  • It helps people to build self-confidence
  • It helps to get rid of depression and to have fun at your spare times
  • It protects from having a psychological illness: such as depression
  • It grants people to have an ability to control themselves and to get rid of tension and
  • It facilitates the process of sleeping

Benefits of Physical Sports

  • It makes the muscles stronger
  • Weight loss
  • Improving the appearance of the body, it becomes more attractive
  • It activates blood circulation and body metabolism
  • It helps to get rid of eating junk foods, it makes you eat healthy foods more
  • It helps to burn more calories from the body and it makes your body stay in shape
  • Your body is not exposed to be infected by diseases because sports help the body to be strong
  • The aging does not appear on your face as fast as the non-athletic people

Benefits of Mental Sports

  • It helps you to avoid Alzheimer’s disease
  • It helps to increase the Promptitude, to be focused