Health is a crown, that the healthy wear on their heads. It is the greatest gift of life. The richest man with bad health always suffers and moan.
Modern life is full of personal adherence that makes people think little about their happiness. The work very hard around the clock and they don’t care about their health. This is a big mistake because if you don’t care about your health you, one day you will fall ill and won’t be able to keep going.


How stress affects your health

Stress is described as the status when people are facing difficulties in keeping with the situations they are in due to the lacking of abilities or knowledge to deal with them. Stress symptoms may be affecting your health, even you might not notice it.
Common effects of stress
stress can affect your body, your mind and feelings, and your behavior. Stress that’s left without check can cause many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart attack obesity, and diabetes.
How can stress effects your body and mind?

Stress can cause many problems on the human body like a headache, muscle tension, fatigue and sleeping problems. stress has also a huge impact on your mind and behavior such as Anxiety, restless, lack of motivation and depression.

Healthy and unhealthy food

We are what we eat . Being healthy is the most important thing for a human being. The best way to stay healthy and fit is from exercises, eating wholesome food and get enough rest. Every year 2.7 million people all over the world as a result of not eating enough fruits and vegetables in their meals Fruit and vegetables provide vitamins which help the immune system to fight infection. Milk and dairy products are an excellent source of calcium and minerals, while meat, egg, and fish are excellent sources of protein.
Fast foods look so attractive and delicious for everyone , however it is very true that they are so coarse from inside