Fashion is a word that is being repeated on the tongues of people, especially females; it doesn’t depend on their level, because most of the people love fashion and brand new outfits and shoes and purses etc.

The human being is very happy because of this invention (fashion) for a specific period, then the feeling of happiness decreases because there are brand new fashions and designs that come out annually, people don’t accept the fashion quickly unless they see a lot of different categories of people wearing it, then they start to adapt to it, because it spreads all over the whole world.


Detention of Fashion

Fashion is a word that refers to outfits and shoes and purses and watches and a lot of other things like even the furniture of the house, as we all know that we have been through many fashions since hundreds of years, and the fashion keeps on changing after a couple of years and months.

Fashion is something that makes you look more fashionable, it is not about outfits only, it’s about the haircuts and the makeup as well, it has many different sides