Cars & Engins

Cars & Engins

Definition of CAR term

The car is a mechanical vehicle consisting of a set of mechanical parts all of which operate in a coordinated manner to move this vehicle and is considered the vehicle of the most prevalent means of transportation in our time.


Cars are divided into several types, including private small cars, most of which are owned by ordinary people and used to go to work or move the family from one place to another and to make trips. Including large buses used for passenger transport, which are public transport throughout the country. Including trucks, which are used for the transport of goods, and are therefore the key element in the industrialized countries in pushing the economy forward along with the railway?

The car is the engine, the first car was in the early 19th century, but the real discovery of the car dates back to the late 18th century when Joseph Nicholas Cuneo made the first model of a motor vehicle in 1769.

Vehicles are vehicles moving on their engine-carrying wheels used to transport passengers or goods, including what are used in mines to transport raw metals. The custom was that cars do not include what goes on bars. Most definitions of this term specify that cars are designed to move on paved roads, with seating for one person for seven people and usually four wheels. Then the look changed and the car in the current custom is built for passenger rather than cargo.

In 2002, there were 590 million passenger cars in the world (approximately 11 per person), of which 140 million were in the United States (approximately one per person). This ratio also applies to the Western European States, so this was the definition of the car thing I hope we could give the information you need