Business Administration is about the administrative way that contributes in supervision and controlling the private Business and establishments, businesses administration is the applicable management including all the fields of business, it aims to collect a multiplicity of persons in order to reach their wanted goals


Business administration is characterized by a group of characteristics

It’s one of the jobs of the community because it relates to achieving the individual and collective goals, it’s a general activity; where it exists all the humane activities, it’s applied with all the types of the private businesses and with the big and small establishments, the administration principles are used in all the financing and marketing and productive activities

Business Administration Job

Business administration applies a group of jobs that represent the organized activities to the managers to execute them in order to contribute to achieving the organized goals for establishments, overall the business administration jobs contains 5 essential jobs, they are

  • Planning: is about the used process to determine the activities that will be achieved later on, “planning” is considered as the first administrative job, because the dependence of the other jobs on it, the planning includes demanding the invasion of the establishment in the future
  • Organization: is one of the administrative jobs, it aims to determine the missions that must be carried out, as it is interested in classifying and dividing activities into small jobs, and then the relation is determined that relates to the responsibility and authority when it comes to taking administrative decisions
  • Staffing: is one of the administrative jobs that are interested in following the manpower; in order to recruit and train them and to choose some of them, and to promote them, to determine their own salaries, and other affairs that are related to the staffing
  • Directing: is one of the administrative that relies on the role of the manager with his/her directing, and the leadership of the employees at work; in order to achieve the goals that help to reach the interests of the embellishments, it also relies on the directing of enhancing the connection between the manager and employees; with a view to giving the instructions and getting something good that can help the supervision to work
  • Controlling: is the administrative jobs that rely on adding the proper standards to measure the continuous performance and the actual performance; with a view to finding the differences between them in order to take the suitable instructions to correct them