Cardi B Gave Birth to A baby Girl, Come in to find out about the details

Cardi B

Cardi B is officially a Mum, the 25 years-old rapper (Cardi B) has given birth to a baby girl, it is the first child for Cardi and her husband “Offset” who has three children from his previous relationships

Cardi B is not worried about her pregnancy because she thinks that she is a grown woman for this and this is not going to have a negative impact on her rap career but she is going to disappeared for while because as you know guys, she needs to look after her new daughter and breastfeed her, and this will take time until her daughter grow up!

She said, it bothers her when she sees a bunch of girls and females commenting on her posts “saying” we feel sorry for you because of your pregnancy and her fans think her career is over because she got pregnant , which bothers her so much and she said, why I can’t have both at the same time?


Cardi B, The “Bodak Yellow rapper” announced her pregnancy in April during an emotional performance, (on Saturday Night Live)” Cardi in May was at the Met Gala where she put her bump on a full display.

Cardi is a new mama after delivering a new baby into the world; congratulations to her and may god bless her daughter, they are both happy because their baby is healthy, they are still in the hospitable because this event has just happened yesterday! (11 of July 2018)

They made up their Mind to name their new baby girl ”Kulture Kiari Cephus”

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The relationship of Cardi and offset is much better than ever.Because there was a problem that made cardi be cancel her engagement with offset after the scandal that happened which was, leaking the sex tape of her, Cardi b was upset about that, and she said that she is not an angle and everybody makes mistakes..

The love relationship between Offset and Cardi B started very early in October (2017) everything went fast like they got a baby girl before their relationship complete one year,

The “MotorSport” rapper “Offset” proposed to Cradi on the stage in front of their fans and that was a surprise for her, he didn’t break the news before doing this, and they finally got married in September (2017) and that’s what Cardi B had already confirmed to the social media

The famous female rapper “Nicki Minaj” sent a gift to Cardi B’s new daughter costs 5,000$, this what shows the love between both of them because they had a lot of rumors going on about the fake beef between both of them but, they already squashed it,

After meeting each other at the Met Gala and there are two photos were taken to them while their conversation together, and this is what shows that there is no beef at all, haters keep making fake rumors in order to get money and attention.


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