Cardi B Fires Back At Haters


Cardi B Fires Back At Haters


Cardi B is not here for the haters, Cardi B went from stripper to really start to rap right quickly and all that success means she is also raking in some major Benjamins too but even though Cardi is worth 4 million dollars and brings in an easy 70 K Per show people still love to hate and accused her of not being able to actually afford all the luxuries


Cardi B recently posted a picture showing her and her husband offset standing next to their matching Lamborghinis, the rapper’s light blue Lambo apparently made people so agree with envy that they attacked Cardi accusing her of leasing the car instead of actually purchasing it, shots fired


As you can tell Cardi and her man are living the best lives, up until people started coming and calling her a lair that is with the public coming for Cardi she decided to shut them down in the biggest way possible, it provided literal receipts proving she purchased the vehicles, not about leasing BS


All the haters were silent after Cardi posted a screenshot of her Wells Fargo account with a withdraw of over five hundred thousand taken out of it, that’s right lowlifes don’t mess with the Queen because she will put you in your place, how embarrassing for everyone who doubted her, can I get an amen Cardi continued to embarrass her haters and tweeted quotes people love doubting you when you hit them with her seat is still a problem

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She wrote on Instagram that she is on working on a song, I bet she will make a song that will make her haters feel even more like idiots, which I don’t doubt is exactly what she will do and her fans can’t wait to hear it, clearly Cardi is not going to let a few negative people get her down just like she was not letting any other, Java going on in her life hold her back either is making moves, she is making some major mommy moves too, the Bronx porn rapper had her first baby daughter on July 10th and ever since Cardi B has been making some big changes in order to fully take care of herself and her daughter


Cardi has decided to back out as an opener for Bruno Mars’s upcoming tour ditching such a huge deal is not an easy decision and of course, this caused a plenty of people to be pissed at Cardi including Bruno’s team think about it, they spent good money on dancers costumes backdrop sets and it’s all gone to crap and on the top of that, Bump in the road Cardi B is also pretty busy dealing with issues from her last stand-up husband yep offset yet again in deeper water after he was pulled over in Atlanta and police discovered guns and marijuana in his car that is why he was arrested

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