cancer awareness

Beneficial Information About cancer

Cancer is well-known for its abnormal growth of cell tissues of the body. so that proliferates with an unbelievable way in the body, plus it infects different parts of the body organs Where the symptoms differ depending on the tissue or the affected organ, that’s because of the surrounding tissues, that’s causing to appear in different parts of the body, it might be further than the affected organ, in this article you are going to know more about this disease. Don’t be worried because we got important information about cancer.

cancer awareness

Information about cancer, Type of Cancer:

  • Polyps: are fibroids wrapped in fibrous tissue, and they are non-proliferation, it’s easy to get rid of them, they will never come back to the body after they have been removed, knowing they will be removed by the surgical intervention especially big-sized fibroids,

That forms a burden and the danger for the affected organ or also the organs that are close to it, it prevents them from functioning normally, these fibroids might turn out to be malignant tumors, unfortunately.


  •  Malignant tumors: are fibroids which abnormal cell proliferates significantly, nonstop, It controls the affected organ, it may proliferate in other vessels in the body through both the lymph and blood vessels,

There are more than one hundred of the cancerous diseases who differ depending on the constituent tissue such as Liver cancer, breast cancer, and chronic and severe chronic leukemia.

Note: Cancer infects people with different ages, however, the risk increases with getting older, knowing that there are types of cancer can infect animals and plants.

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Sections of symptoms of cancer are localized:

  • The appearance of a mass anywhere in the body like women breast.
  • Change in mole size or color.
  • Ulcers that don’t respond to treatment within 20 days
  • Change in the color of the eye, yellowing, or in the skin
  • Abnormal bleeding from the body.

cancer awareness


Transient symptoms:

  • A change in urination or Defecation.
  • A feeling of pain in the bones.
  • Inflammation of the lymph nodes.
  • A cough doesn’t that respond to treatment, especially if you cough blood.
  •   A problem in food digestive, or a swallowing difficulty.



Symptoms appear throughout the body parts

  1. a feeling of being dizzy or losing 10% of weight in 6 months
  2. Abnormal sweating especially at night.
  3.  a feeling of being tired or exhausted
  4. an infection of anemia
  5. Anorexia


How is cancer diagnosed?

  1. Identifying symptoms.
  2. Doing a medical test, such as a laboratory blood test.
  3. Computed tomography.
  4. Endoscopies
  5. CT scan.
  6. Taking a sample of the patient to identify the stage of cancer, its level.

Cancer treatment methods:

  • You can get rid of solid cancer by removing it by the medical intervention after that, cancer will never proliferate in your body parts, know that this kind of cancer grows in its place at the beginning,

Then it moves to the lymph nodes, and then it starts to proliferate to all the body organs. Search for topical treatments for cancerous cells such as breast lump removal or prostatectomy.

cancer awareness

Harmonic treatment:

  • This treatment depends on affecting the Hormones, by removing and disabling it, it is important to note that this type of treatment is used for certain types of cancer such as prostate cancer or breast cancer.
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