Black Friday,the history deals and date of sale

Black Friday,the history deals and date of sale

Black Friday

The launch of the World Shopping Day in the United States and a number of other countries, or so-called “Black Friday”, where visitors come from the early hours of Friday to reserve their places in front of major shops and shops, which opened since early morning with the announcement of huge discounts and discounts on Its products may reach 90%.


why is it called Black Friday, history?

Black Friday was called the 19th century. It was linked to the financial crisis of 1869 in the United States, which was a major blow to the US economy, where goods were blocked and sales and buying stopped, causing an economic disaster in America. On the goods and products to sell instead of recession and reduce losses as much as possible, and from that day became a tradition in America, major shops, shops and agencies to make major discounts on their products up to 90% of their value and then return to the normal price after the expiration of black Friday or the special month in this Day.

The Black Friday is called Friday, which comes immediately after Thanksgiving in the United States, usually at the end of November each year where the Americans celebrate the Thanksgiving feast where they cook the Roman cock and also attend the dishes of pumpkin and honey and various types of sweets that do not attend the cheese Only on this occasion and Christmas Day.

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Black Friday deals and sale time

The Americans began buying Christmas gifts on Friday morning, and Black Friday was first traded in 1960 by Philadelphia city police as a result of the huge traffic jams and crowds gathered in front of shops during the day.

A number of large e-shopping sites such as Amazon and eBay are taking part in the event by offering huge discounts on their products or offering a very special offer on a particular product that changes every hour.

Some countries were keen to repeat the American experience in applying its black Friday to get out of the recession in its markets. The most important countries are Britain, Canada, Mexico, Romania, India, France, Norway, and Australia.

For the Arab region, one of the Arab e-shopping sites launched the initiative in 2014 in response to the Black Friday of the markets and stores of America, especially the site of the Amazon and called it “White Friday”, was chosen white instead of black for Friday’s privacy of the majority of Arab Muslims.

A large number of opinions in the Arab region differed on the choice of an American occasion for Arab consumption, while some suggested using the occasion in a manner consistent with Arab and Islamic culture away from the blind tradition of the West.



Facts about Black Friday

Black Friday‘s attack … The buying wave is sweeping the capitals of Europe and major cities in America

The buying wave swept Europe’s capitals and major cities on Friday morning, amid major cuts in the launch of the first Christmas shopping, officially launched this year, called Black Friday.

In the images shown by the Getty agency yesterday, a flood of buyers in US cities and some European cities are scrambling to take advantage of the discounts offered by the world’s largest stores.

Black Friday, sometimes called “White Friday” in the Arab world, is the day that comes immediately after Thanksgiving in the United States, usually on the last Friday in November of each year. This is the beginning of the Christmas gift season.

On this day, most stores offer great discounts and discounts, which open early as early as 4 am. Because of the big rebates and because most Christmas gifts are bought that day, large numbers of consumers gather at dawn on Friday outside supermarkets waiting to open.


Which countries do you adopt?

  1. Credit card: It is, of course, advisable to have a card issuer US bank, because some stores will accept only the American card, and you can register here for a US visa.

2 – US PO Box: This point and at the start of the crowds start jumping and running each wants to get the bulk of the goods discounted price. On Black Friday, some online stores such as Amazon and eBay also offer attractive offers. On that day, the site offers rebates on many products and, in addition, offers a very special offer on a particular product that changes every hour.

One of the most popular black Friday discounts is Amazon’s online shopping store, which receives orders from all over the world to buy from it for its huge discounts that day.



Black Friday time, some information around

We are coming on a day that is considered one of the most active days of online sales and e-commerce. Black Friday is mainly in America and has moved to some countries, and the number of countries adopting this term continues to increase year after year.

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Black Friday is the last Friday to come in November, so if we talk about 2015, it will be November 27, 2015. The companies that distribute and work in the field of e-shopping will display their products for this year at a low price compared to the original price..

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Why was it called the Black Gathering?

Some sources link the black Friday name to the financial crisis that struck America in the 19th century, but this has nothing to do with Friday’s black body as we know it now. That’s why Black Friday was named after the 1960s when the Philadelphia police began calling it the name of the people out there for shopping and the many accidents that occurred that day. A few years later, in 1966, Philadelphia police officially launched the name on the first Friday after Christmas, where the name was used on police buses to guide people to calm and avoid trouble.

In short, the Black Friday name came from the Philadelphia police, because they saw it as a black day of the many incidents that people get to shop for.

Countries that adopt black Friday “which will receive in their store’s discounts”

As mentioned above, black Friday is not dealt with in all countries, it is not exclusive to America only, and we show you the most prominent countries dealing with this day:

Note: The number of countries may increase or decrease from one year to another.

United State









How to benefit from Black Friday even if you are outside means to register in a site such as Fish is fast and my US and Shop and Ship and World Ship and others to get an American address, and then this site sends your mail to the address you want in any country, This is because some stores do not accept sending purchases outside of America Black Friday.


The sites you can shop for on Black Friday

If your credit card comes from a bank outside of America, you will not be able to shop from some US stores like Wal-Mart, but you can still shop online from other popular sites such as:



The sites we mentioned above are the most diverse months, but we will not be able to count all the stores, so you can follow them here.


Offers do not Miss Black Friday

Companies compete in the sale of products this year on the 27th of November, so you have to take advantage of the opportunity and hunt the best offer, and these are some shops for private electronic companies, which may wish to buy their products.

Simply put, it is an American tradition called Black Friday , which takes place just after Thanksgiving Day, especially in America, which has a high percentage of discounts in stores on the ground and e-shops also compete to attract buyers through high discounts To 90% of some products, as well as offers that are held every hour on a specific product such as telephones and others, which are significantly devalued at that moment and become a tempting booty on that day and until the end of November.

It is worth noting that most Christmas, Christmas or Christmas gifts are bought that day because of the discounts, which lead to a large crowd in front of the stores and you can see some of them on YouTube, which leads to quarrels sometimes, especially among women Black Friday.


When is Black Friday?

Is held on Friday in all parts of the world, especially in foreign countries and the hours of work in the shops to start at dawn on Friday to accommodate a large number of customers rushing to buy goods and win discounts.

But the date varies from year to year in the current year 2016 on 25 November, while in the previous year 2015 was the date of 27 November, and in 2017 on 27 November, it is important that it is the day after Thanksgiving which comes at the end of November of each year Habit.


What is the reason for the black Friday designation – Black Friday?

By the time of the beginning of 1869, the history of the financial crisis in America and its aftermath of recession and financial losses led to a catastrophic stagnation of sales, prompting traders to cut prices and Black Friday compete in terms of discounts to push buyers to buy goods and reduce Losses caused by stagnation in stores !.

And thus became an American tradition is held every year, but why the black color! Although it is a day eagerly awaited by people, the reason for its black Friday is choking, chaos and overcrowding due to high traffic and large numbers of people leaving to buy. Another view is that the black color of accounting indicates the disposal of goods in Stores and red color indicates their stagnation.

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What are the requirements for the availability of Black Friday?

Select whether you need to buy something and wait for discounts such as phones and laptops.

Select whether you will buy from outside your country or you will be assigned a payment broker if you do not have a payment method such as a visa.

If you have a payment method, which is a visa and have enough credit to buy, I advise you to buy electronics because it is easy to customs clearance, especially in Egypt. If the product is clothing or a form of loading, I advise you to use a medium as shown below.

There are other means of payment such as PayPal and others, but in the country requires a visa to buy.

Create an account on the foreign shopping sites that will be listed below.

You must provide an American address to ship the product to him, which is provided by the Shop & Ship and Fishisfast service will also be referred to and how to create the account free of charge.

Browse the US version of the online store by changing the Ip to the US.


How to get an American address for free shipping to him?

Shop & Ship – shop and ship

It is a service for Aramex Shipping Company, through which you can get an address in different countries such as America, China, and the UAE to ship the product to it from Amazon.com and Souq.com for example and then ship it back to your country through Aramex.

The cost

The cost of creating an account is free using any of the following codes when creating an account:



After creating the account, copy the address of the country to which the product is to be shipped, and it will be charged to you again with a specific fee depending on the type of product. For example, in Egypt, the cost of clearing phones, laptops, and computer accessories is $ 20 + Charging status of phones.


This is the best way to ship only one product, but if you want to ship more than one product, the second way is better than Black Friday.

Black Friday,the history deals and date of sale 5

Fish is fast

The same idea for a Shop & Ship account but with different features and an American account only. It is best if you want to ship more than one product at the same time to provide a postage box in which your products are collected and allowed to be held for 180 days free of charge. Shipped within one box to your country which reduces customs clearance fees and other charges.

There are other features you can get for $ 2 each time you ship to your country, such as asking for the total weight of the shipment and more.


What is the best foreign site in terms of Black Friday discounts?

The best foreign sites for offers of laptops and phones

eBay is the best place if you want to buy a laptop or a phone where high discounts are offered by sellers, so you have to follow it up continuously because the offers are executed quickly, especially iPhone offers, but you have to verify the credibility of the seller through the assessments.


Best foreign sites for clothing shows

Uspoloassn site, but you should browse as if you are an American citizen where discounts are higher than discounts for other countries.

6 pm





Ralph Lauren

Best foreign sites for electronics and laptop displays

The following sites offer excellent offers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which follows the Black Friday and the following Monday is for electronic products only.


Black Friday history

Black Friday is referred to as the 19th century. It was linked to the financial crisis of 1869 in the United States, which was a major blow to the US economy. The largest of the goods and products to sell instead of recession and reduce losses as much as possible. Since that day has become a tradition in America, major shops, shops, and agencies to make major discounts on their products up to 90% of their value and then back to normal price after the expiration of black Friday or private month On this day


The description of this day in black is not the result of hatred or pessimism, was first given in 1960 by the police of the city of Philadelphia, which gave this name, where there were large traffic jams and crowds and queues in front of shops during this day known as shopping and described The Philadelphia Police Department that day with the Black Crowd to describe the chaos and traffic congestion of pedestrians and cars, is also rumored to have a connotation in trade and accounting, where it indicates profit and disposal of the warehouse, while the red color on the loss and deficit or the accumulation of goods and recession the work

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On this day, most stores offer great discounts and discounts, opening early as early as 4 am. Because of the big discounts and because most Christmas gifts are bought that day, large numbers of consumers gather at dawn on Friday outside the supermarkets waiting to open. At the opening, the crowds begin to jump and run. Everyone wants to get the largest share of the low-priced goods. On Black Friday, some online stores such as Amazon.com offer attractive offers. On that day, the site offers discounts on many products and, in addition, offers a very special offer on a particular product those changes every hour. And from the most popular sites that adopt black Friday shop discounts

Amazon e-shopping, which receives requests from all over the world to buy from it because of the large discounts that day.


Black Friday Jumia, Offers the best in history

To answer the most important question, what is Black Friday and what is its meaning? Black Friday originally started in the United States of America, the day after Thanksgiving, just after Thursday, November 4th, signaling Christmas shopping for all Americans. Why is it called Black Friday? This is because a very large number of people come out on this day to shop and this was causing a lot of hustle that led to accidents later, which led to some incidents of violence. Today, Black Friday has turned into a positive event, with traders reaping huge profits because of the many sales and deals on the day.


Black Friday started here through Gumia and did not know before it only discounts in the seasons such as discounts for the summer season and the winter season, but Jomiya completely changed this. Since 2014, Black Friday has become the most important day of the year. Black Friday started in just one day, and we have now been able to extend black Friday offers to a whole month in Jomia Black Friday offers are one of the biggest shows on the Gumia website, which is why the site gets 5 times more traffic on Friday.


Jomia Black Friday offers great deals and discounts in addition to the daily offers that include flash torrent and there is a huge discount on a certain product for a certain period of time and in specific quantities and then start another flash on another product. You can find Black Friday offers on all of our products, so whatever product you’re looking for, make sure the Black Friday 2018 offers you the cheapest price at. The Black Friday starts in Jomia in early November and ends in December, so you have time to buy all the products you need.

A celebration of Blackjack 2018 in Jomia

Offers of Jomia Egypt in Black Friday 2018 come in many different formats. Starting with simple things like mobile accessories and even home appliances like air conditioning or TV, you will find the best Jomiya Black Friday offers plus discount coupons to use during your shopping. Black Friday Discounts apply to fashion kids, men and women, electronics, groceries, cosmetics, and even sports equipment and school supplies anything you could think of buying from any store, you can find it online in Jomia and with the Black Friday 2018, you will get all the products your favorite at the cheapest prices around.


Shop from Black Friday 2018 offers via Jomia

Jomia is the largest website to sell and buy in. So Jomia offers today’s fantasy beyond Black Friday. Start exploring our extensive catalogs and shop for any product you need from Gumina’s Black Friday. Are you looking for a new camera, for example? Or maybe even a mobile or laptop? Get the best discounts on all the electronics. For the home, you can get a new dishwasher, a vacuum cleaner or even a refrigerator from the range of household appliances available to us at the spectacular Black Friday deals. Shoes and clothes are essential, so start shopping for women’s clothing or men’s clothing online at the lowest prices on all of your favorite brands.


When the time comes for Black Friday 2018, Jomia is the place to shop. Stay tuned for all the great offers and discounts that will be held in Jomia Egypt on Friday and buy all you need as soon as possible before the end of quantities.


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