Beneficial Information About Fashion


Fashion and Design

Fashion and design is the exchange relation between the humane body and their clothes, an outfit adviser job was very famous in the old communities, the fashion and design have been a lot of changes and diversity, it’s not about the old fashion was much better than now but it’s because every time has its own things like fashions and developments and the new generations like it, to be honest


The History of Fashion

The history of fashion is very old, it keeps developing day by day and the companies and designers come up with new ideas when the human being started to care for their clothes, they started to keep thinking about fashion and the new designs they can wear in order to be fashionable


Most of the women all over the world like to care for their body shape and how they look in front of the community and they also care about the fashion especially the celebrities, because their life is open to the public, they have to look pretty and fashionable 24/7 to please their fans and the audience.


Everyone is struggling to be the best ever regarding the outfits and the fashion, but the old generations don’t ever like the kind of music we hear the outfits we wear like ripped jeans and T-shirts and many other things


Clothing Industry

The clothing industry is very fabulous where they get the materials from China in order to manufacture the clothes with a high quality, and it passes through many phases to be made, it’s not an easy mission by the way, in the middle of the 19th century the clients used to go to the tailors in order to design for them the dresses and the suits they want

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The Importance of Social Fashion

The social fashion as an element of the culture, the existence of a fashion that is connected to the culture of the society is for important for any society that is seeking to prove its identity, but if there is no this fashion, that will lead to reducing some of the important aspects to any culture, and the women will have to depend on another strange fashion, that doesn’t belong to their country in order to make up for this shortage


Harms of Fashion

The harms of the fashion is social harms most of the time, that is because of the people who like to be fashionable and they have to resort to another fashion from a country that has a different culture, and they keep following the news about fashions that those countries make, because they have no choice to be fashionable other than being a part of other cultures, as you guys there is a multiplicity of people that like being fashionable always, they are totally obsessed with fashion, maybe because some of them like showing off how fashionable and stylish they are

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