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Ariana Grande Drops a New Song, Her ex (Mac) Will Diss her”

As you know the 25-year-old singer (Ariana Grande) has a lot of different nationalities of fans that always wait for her new songs because her songs are all meaningful and romantic, she is very adorable, she is popping in her own lane, she is one of the best artists of all time, because she is unique.

Ariana Grande has been featuring and dropping new songs on “Youtube” since June and July, her new song was dropped yesterday (12th of July 2018)  by her on her personal account of “Youtube” and this song named  (God is a Woman)

And she also featured the gorgeous female Rapper “Nicki Minaj” in new two songs named (The Light Is Coming) and (Bed), it seems like Nicki Minaj And Ariana Grande are on good terms because it’s not the first feature between them they had featured each other in many other wonderful songs.

(Ariana Grande) and (Mac Miller)

lets’ talk about the first and the biggest 2018 upset the breakup, within two weeks of the confirmed breakup, “Ariana Grande” was already with Pete her now fiancé, and to make matters worse for her ex “Mac” he drove drunk and got caught, “Mac Miller” was involved in a terrible drunk driving Incident and that did nothing good for his image.

And also “Ariana called him out on Twitter talking about him and why she left him’ despite all the darkness the good is ” Mac Millar” is using all of 2018,s drama to channel into her new album and he is not wasting any time.

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 He’s getting ready to drop his album next month called (swimming) there will be definitely things about “Ariana” maybe he will include those, the Manchester bombing and he was there for her, and maybe a Diss track for moving on so quickly and maybe he will open up about her bad side and the troubles in their relationship.

Let’s not forget that Ariana’s album comes out on August 17th, he’s beating her to the punch, so no breakup has complete without a new album, so at the end of August, they will have all the closure they need for sure.

I feel sorry for this guy because it just hurts to see your ex moving on quickly and got engaged within two weeks after your breakup. But there is no understanding between the both of them, she wants to be with her new boyfriend maybe their relationship will work out..

She is working on her new album, I think it is going to be fire as usual but she did not break the news if there are features in it, but anyway she is dropping it next month, and best of luck Ariana, it’s about to be done

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