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Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Getting Married TODAY


Ariana Grande may have just confirmed her wedding date and it’s a lot sooner than we thought, here comes the bride all dressed in white and literally sprinting down the aisle, Ariana Grande might be marrying the man of her dreams Aka her boyfriend of one month in a few days, I’m freaking out. Are you freaking out too? Let’s talk about it, let’s get into all the details

Ariana Grande d

I never expected Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson to take their time setting up their wedding based on how quickly they got engaged a speedy ceremony seemed only natural because weddings take so much time to get together I never thought it would happen before the end of the summer, think about it, most of the couples take at least a year to put together their dream nuptials, so even If you are working around the clock you would still need at least five months right?.


I guess when you are a famous celebrity couple anything is possible because Ariana and Pete are potentially getting married before the end of the month maybe before the end of the week, are you shocked I’m seriously blown away, what happened to savoring your engaged life obsessing over the tiny details like the exact shade of pink you need for the tablecloths freaking out when your custom-made wedding dress is half a shade too white, Miss Ariana Grande is skipping all of that because of her latest tweet is any indication the girls trying the knot with her comedian fiancé Today

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So here is our evidence that this is all going down this weekend for one, Ariana Tweeted a simple message saying quote (I am very excited) her album sweetener is coming out very soon so she could have been referring to that but the numbers 8.4 1. 8 have sentimental significance for the couple, and If you notice the date today is 8/4/1/8 August 4th 2018 the reason why these four numbers are so exciting to the couple is because Pete’s dad Scott served as a member of the FDNY but tragically passed away during the September 11th attacks, his badge number was and Pete hung onto that to remember his father

Ariana Grandef

Both he and Ariana had tattooed on their bodies and Pete gifted Ariana his necklace, clearly the two both have a strong connection to this number and this date doesn’t it make sense that they would choose August 4th, 2018 to get married thus making their wedding day a tribute to Pete’s dad  this makes so much sense to me


And honestly, it’s something I would totally want to do, it’s standard to honor the family and friends who aren’t around anymore to attend a wedding and doing it on the date that holds such significance to Pete and his family, this would be the most memorable way to commemorate someone who was so Important to him I do have to admit I’d be shocked if it actually did all go today



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