About the instinct of empathy


About the instinct of empathy

What is empathy and what are the developmental benefits of the instinct of empathy? Is there a specific system that governs mechanisms of empathy in neighborhoods? Why do we suffer when we find a human being killed but not affected by a flowering scene, even though the two processes reflect the killing of a living being? Why do we turn a blind eye when we see a man being slaughtered, but we cut off the trees during a romantic walk in the wild without any care

In this article, I will analyze the instinct of empathy in neighborhoods in general and then focus on empathy in humans in particular

You are an organism of the mammalian family of the Upper Apes (Apes). Reached your current formula after four billion years of evolution. Within this development, you acquired many of the characteristics and instincts that contributed to your survival

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If you exist today because of the work and cooperation of your genes over the years to build a body capable of reproduction and continuity through generations. These genes from the beginning evolved in a way that collaborates with each other to build the best biochemical compounds. These genetic compounds are produced underwater under the deep underground mountains, volcanoes, fields and wherever life is found. All genetic compounds adapted to continue and multiply. All the genes that contained instructions for non-co-operation with the rest of the genes in the body caused the extinction of their biological compounds and therefore they were extinct from the gene pool. Today we find species that have evolved over the years because their genes evolved to co-operate. I would like to note that in this paragraph I mean that genes cooperate among themselves within the body and not the cooperation of organisms among them

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For example:

The lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, spinal cord, stomach, glands and brain sections all develop in a way that suits all these members and make them work harmoniously and harmoniously to keep the body alive and thus reach the reproductive stage. If genes have a direct interest in eco-building, Bodies and boats help keep them going.

Note: Genes are acidic symbols and have no consciousness or will. The examples above are to illustrate the idea in a simplified way.

Distinguishing ourselves:

One of the most important instincts in biology is the ability to distinguish the types and varieties of organisms that interact with them. This instinct is very important since the living quarters were simply simple boats moving within closed environmental systems. It is very important to identify the food, distinguish the enemy from the friend, and know who the right partner for breeding is. Therefore, all organisms have within their basic programming the ability to identify and identify the quality of the genetic vessels that interact with them. Assuming that energy metabolism is one of the most vital functions within DNA programming, I consider that the identification of the organisms with which the object interacts comes second.

One of the most important conditions for survival is finding food and resources and not turning the object into food. The mechanism for determining the ocean and the strategy of dealing with the neighborhood is therefore essential to survival. If the object can identify the objects that you want to prey on, it will have to identify the right partner to successfully complete the breeding process.

If genes have evolved bodies in a way that allows them to identify each other and developed mechanisms to determine the extent of genetic affinity between them. The earthworm, ant, fish, bacteria, birds, dolphins, humans and plants have different methods and mechanisms in determining the genetic affinity between them. For example, an ant recognizes the rest of its kingdom by means of a chemical code that only members of the kingdom can produce. Any organism that does not produce this chemical code is treated because of a strange object from the queen. Chemical secretions and signals that are sent to the soil by roots distinguish plants. If the plant found that the plant adjacent to the genetically close, the plant changes the mechanism of spreading its roots and allow the other plant to expand in the soil

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Family bonding

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The only direct cause of my existence today and my ability to write this article is to reprogram my genes to multiply. Within this programming, I am doing all I can to spread my DNA to the next generation, but this process is not confined exclusively to sexual reproduction. I help spread my genes by helping my brother spread his genes, help spread my genes by helping my cousins, and help spread my genes by taking care of my grandchildren and all of my family

True, I represent 100% of my genes, but the rest of my family also make up a large proportion of these genes. For example, my brother represents 50% of my genes and helping him spread his genesis as important as helping my children. All we have gone by is almost all the genetic match ratio, but it remains a major proportion. Thus, family bonding is an instinctive bond in which each individual contributes to the propagation of his genes by helping his relatives. This means that when your brother helps you do this to help spread his genes and you when helping your cousins contribute to the spread of your genes

Sub Story

Since I mentioned family cohesion, an important theory must be mentioned, namely the “conflict of interest between parents and children”. Parents mean mother and father

There is a conflict between parents and children in terms of propagation of genes, which is causing social problems between brothers. Parents view children as 50% of their genes and it is in their interest to provide all the resources for them until they grow up and become able to reproduce. Therefore, it is in the parents’ interest to distribute the resources equally among the children because each of them constitutes 50% of them equally.

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Nevertheless, the problem is that children do not share parents with this goal. Although brothers share 50% of their genes, they make up 100% of themselves, meaning that they have to provide the greatest number of resources and not allow anyone to share them

Therefore, we find that parents do not understand why brothers are fighting among themselves. Why not share games? Why do not they share sweets? Why do some of them complain at all

About the instinct of empathy
Article Name
About the instinct of empathy
What is empathy and what are the developmental benefits of the instinct of empathy? Is there a specific system that governs mechanisms of empathy in neighborhoods? Why do we suffer when we find a human being killed but not affected by a flowering scene, even though the two processes reflect the killing of a living being?

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