5 Effects That The Smartphone Is Having On You Body And Brain


5 Effects That The Smartphone Is Having On You Body And Brain


Although its controlled use does not have to have harmful effects, at the moment that we perceive any of these factors it is convenient to stop its use.


In recent years, technology has made great strides and, today, it continues to have a great impact worldwide, the development of smartphones, as well as other mobile devices, became means to change the ways of life, communication and the way of interacting, these are becoming more common among the population and, in fact, for many, it has become an essential element in many aspects of their lives.


However, although they have multiple advantages, there are some negative effects that should be considered by all those who use them daily, taking into account that many still ignore it; next, we want to give in detail those 5 consequences that can cause.


Vision Problems


The light emitted by smartphones and other similar devices can, in the long term, cause a deterioration in visual health. The most worrisome of all is that, unlike other devices, cell phones tend to have more proximity to the eyes and therefore, the impact of their light is much stronger. It is estimated that if a person stayed 72 hours straight in front of their cell phone screen, they would destroy about 90% of the photosensitive cells in their retina.


However, although this is unlikely, it is proven that there is a relationship between the daily use of this device and the main visual diseases. The best way to reduce the risk is to avoid using the element as much as possible; nevertheless, since for some it is necessary, an alternative is to place a screen filter.

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Stress And Depression


The invasion of technology, especially mobile devices, brought an increase in the rate of people with disorders such as anxiety, depression, and stress. A person who can not check their Smartphone for several hours has strong episodes of anxiety and irritability. Little by little a dependency of the apparatus is created, which, although we refuse to accept it, influences the state of mind. those who use them more than 5 hours a day tend to fall more easily into states of sadness and sometimes, present difficulties in their social and working life.




Another of the most recurrent effects of the use of these devices are the problems to fall asleep properly, these are not only a distraction for the brain, but they prevent the segregation of melatonin, a chemical related to good sleep, although it seems an innocent gesture has been shown that, over the days, reviewing the phone before sleep impairs the quality of sleep, melatonin is a hormone that secretes in the pineal gland, responsible for regulating the daily circadian rhythm, it is concentrated in the absence of light and therefore, can be affected both in the day and when using elements that emit it


Muscle Aches


Using the Smartphone for several hours in a row leads to muscle pain and stiffness, especially in the back and neck, those who fail to give them a moderate and responsible use usually have more episodes of tension and pain in these areas of the body, most people maintain an incorrect position when using these devices and therefore, it is not surprising that they feel this type of discomfort, the best thing to avoid it is to do it sitting in a chair, using both hands and keeping it at a height that does do not imply lowering the head

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