14 Surprising Facts About Animals


Facts About Animals

When I traveled around the world I learned a lot of strange and amazing things about animals, and some of them are very amazing. In this article, I put these facts – which I have heard nothing more than strange and fun – in points. These facts are real in the life of these animals and you can search more and see details about this information.


1- The largest spiders in the world, a tarantula can live without food for than two years

2- the nose print of a dog can be used for its identification, they are kind of like fingerprints for us humans and are absolutely unique to each animal,

3- snakes don’t blink so don’t even try to engage in a staring contest with one of them

4- If you have ever wondered what the most popular name for a goldfish is its jaws, we thought we were so creative, another thing to consider if you are thinking about getting yourself with a goldfish don’t keep it in the dark it will turn pale then you will have a pale fish that is not quite as interesting,

5- woodpeckers are extremely efficient they can peck wood times a second how they do not get a splitting headache

6- If you put a jellyfish under bright sunlight you won’t find it sometime later, that is because it’ll evaporate these creatures are 98% water,ANIMAL 1

7- a hippo sweat is pink well, in fact, it is not exactly sweat, it is an oily reddish fluid which does not only cool the hippo’s body but also moisturizes and protects its skin this blood sweat also contains antibiotic properties

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8- Macaques in Japan have figured out how to buy snacks from vending machines yeah they pay with coins and everything so you are struggling with a vending machine remind yourself a monkey can do it,

9- frogs don’t need to drink water because it’s absorbed through their skin.


10- Hopefully you don’t have Scola so Phobia or a fear of worms if so and don’t book any trips to South Africa where these creatures can reach lengths of twenty-two feet

11- If you think humans are so special and highly evolved you probably won’t be thrilled to know that we share 70% of our DNA with by the way the longest lifespan of a slug ever recorded is a year and a half so our slimy cousins don’t live very that’s kind of sad,

12- poor flamingos have trouble every time they get hungry the thing is they can only eat with their heads upside-down, have you tried eating upside-down, it’s not an easy task

13- An interesting fact about gorillas is that they can eat 40 pounds of food everyday diet,

14-  never heard of it 14 and this is the cutest thing you could imagine when seahorses mate they do it for life and when mates travel they hold onto each other’s tails see I told you it was super cute,


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