10 Weirdest Things Happened Recently

Whoa, here we go so far. What are some of the weirdest things in the recent time?  Trump is the Absolutely American president, girls have gone wild, politicians are in jail, and now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty — politics, celebrities, scandals, sex, crime and stupidity.
I hope my optimism didn’t just jinx. Here are The (TornaDo) Top 10 picks for the weirdest things that happened in recently:

1- Weird Things About America

The United States is known and loved for all of its glitz and glamour, pop culture, politics, cosmopolitan cities and so much more. But it’s also evident that the US is sort of its own, strange little bubble in many very weird ways. Here are some of our beloved America that are definitely worth mention,
*The outrageously expensive college tuition.
In most of the world’s countries, school is school. You go to school to study. The university experience in the US is far more than just school. It comes with athletics, student facilities, living and boarding, recreation space, social events and so much more  University tuition in the U.S. can range anywhere from $10,000 to $35,000 per year, as opposed to many universities outside of the U.S., with tuition costs at $6-7,000, sometimes even less, sometimes even free.
* The customary unit system.
Besides Burma (Myanmar) and Liberia, the United States is the only country that doesn’t currently use the metric system of measurement, because we apparently prefer dealing with wacky conversions instead of nice, neat multiples of 10.

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*The skewed meaning of “How are you?”
If you are a foreigner in the US, don’t be fooled when an American says “Hi, how are you?” He or she doesn’t actually care how you are. You’re just supposed to say “I’m doing great!” and move on.
“How are you” is synonymous with “hello”. It’s just the way it is
*Extra charges for tax.
In most of the world, tax prices are included in the list price, which actually makes a lot of sense. How is it at all logical to decide on buying something without knowing how much its actually going to ring up to when checking out?
* Flags literally everywhere.
In most countries, flags are present at national buildings, government buildings, monuments etc. In America, it’s not uncommon to see flags on mailboxes, doorways, schools, even on sweaters and T-shirts, purses, earrings, and my personal favorite: the american flag bikini.

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